DJ Nu-Mark

Saturday 10th, March 2018 / 14:08
By Paul Rodgers 

DJ Nu-Mark at home in the new school and old school of DJing 
Photo by Soul Kitchen Music


CALGARY – Mark Potsic’s foray into DJing began when he was just 13-years-old in Los Angeles. Now known to the world as DJ Nu-Mark (and best known as a founding member of seminal hip-hop outfit Jurassic 5), he has continually found new ways to keep DJing fresh and exciting.  

Nu-Mark has become recognized for his now infamous Kids Toy Sets, where he integrates children’s toys like a cymbal-clapping monkey into a unique live performance. He released a DVD compilation of these performances entitled Nu-Conduit in 2012.  

He’s also an accomplished producer and remixer; his career highlights include the anthemic “What’s Golden” for J5, his 2012 studio album Broken Sunlight, or his collaborative album with Slimkid3 of The Pharcyde. Recently, he’s started a series on Facebook called Zodiac Tracks where he mixes artists together who share Zodiac signs with the corresponding month.  

The Monster Energy 7 Inches of Pleasure Tour, that rolls through Calgary in March, gives Potsic, along with Mat The Alien, DJ Pump and Illo, the chance to take a reprieve from the many technological advancements they’ve borne witness to throughout their careers, and get back to the basics spinning only vinyl 45s.  

“I enjoy playing 7-inch records because there’s a high level of risk involved,” Potsic says.  

“Either your copy of the vinyl is clean or not. Finding some of these joints on vinyl can be tricky and cutting and scratching is also much more difficult. I suppose I enjoy the challenge!”  

Potsic explains that his Zodiac series has made preparing for this tour easier as he’s become re-familiarized with his extensive record collection.   

“In the ‘90s I dug deep into rare music,” he says.

“Today, I find myself looking for classics t–hat myself and my crowd enjoy.”  

He says that the ability to bounce back and forth between Serato (digital DJ) sets, his toys sets and vinyl-only shows keeps him vibrant and enthusiastic about being a musician, preventing boredom from ever creeping in. He adds that he can’t wait to re-visit Calgary and hear Mat The Alien and the rest of the crew get down again.  

“Personally, it makes me feel free,” he says of the vinyl-only tour.  

“Sometimes when I’m on stage with the computer and toys, there’s always this nagging feeling I have that something needs to be charged or it might not be stable etc. With vinyl, it’s very straight forward, if you treat your vinyl right it plays tight.”  

He is regardless excited about the new Phase technology, that he, Jazzy Jeff and Skratch Bastid got to geek out on at 3 Style in Poland recently.   

Moving forward, he plans to get proper release events for his Zodiac Tracks series worldwide, he’s releasing an EP called TRDMRK with Slimkid3 and Austin Antoinne and is on a new TV series called Drop the Mic, in which Method Man hosts and he DJs. It was just picked up for a second season on TBS produced by James Corden.  


Check out Nu-Mark at the HiFi on March 24 [Calgary] or at Lodge of 10 Peaks on March 17 [Lake Louise].

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