Atmosphere Live at the Commodore Ballroom

Tuesday 13th, March 2018 / 11:52
by Gabe Delaney

Photo By Aishath Nasir Boskma

Commodore Ballroom
March 5th, 2018.

VANCOUVER – Warming up the crowd for legendary Minnesotan hip-hop group, Atmosphere, Evidence and the highly impressive DJ Skizz wasted no time getting in to the hits at the Commodore Ballroom. With Skizz cutting it up live on the turntables the crowd had their hands in the air for most of their performance. Evidence provided a mix of songs including singles off his new record and some unreleased material he saves for his live performances. He wrapped up the performance with “You” and “Throw It All away”. After showing love for the hospitality displayed by the audience and the venue the two made way for Atmosphere.

Evidence – Photo By Aishath Nasir Boskma

As Slug from Atmosphere appeared on stage dawning a fur lined parka the crowd grew restless. The ambiance changed drastically after songs like “Sunshine”. The group’s goofy stage presence ensured that everyone was always having fun. Slug wanted to let Vancouver know ‘You guys are not as pretty as you think you are’, and performed crowd favourite “GodLovesUgly”.

Photo By Aishath Nasir Boskma

After treating the audience to an acapella freestyle and world-class air-piano playing by Slug during “Yesterday” Atmosphere said thank you and good-bye. However, the group was pulled out on stage for a few more songs by a persuasive crowd, the night ended on a high note with everyone in the building from performers to concert goers singing “Love Life!”

Photo By Aishath Nasir Boskma



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