PVRIS Live at the Vogue Theatre

Tuesday 13th, March 2018 / 12:03
By Brendan Lee

Photo by Lindsey Blane

Vogue Theatre
March 6th, 2018

VANCOUVER – PVRIS plays a style of music that builds with atmosphere and grows slowly, getting louder and more feverish until, before you know it, your feet are sore and you’ve been dancing for what seems like days. Headed by the marvellous Lynn Gunn, the band parked their live show atop the Vogue theatre’s stage Tuesday night and put on a show as uplifting as it was haunting.

Photo by Lindsey Blane

The ambient pop-infused rock band from Massachusetts was subtle in their presentation, allowing the tight-knit interlayering of a solid setlist to speak for itself. Beneath a heavenly glow from the lights above, Gunn transitioned flawlessly between soft spoken songs sat behind the keyboard with tracks like the stripped down version of ‘Same Soul,’ to showcasing her wailing, impressive vocal range on ‘Separate.’ Gunn isn’t overly talkative, but when she does speak, her voice has a tone of closeness that could cause hearts to break.

Photo by Lindsey Blane

More than anything, the show was an excuse to jump around. As the sound grew from it’s tentative beginning, it wasn’t long before the crowd was helpless, unable to avoid the rhythm of the drums and the synthesizer. In the course of an hour or so, PVRIS went from being welcomed on stage to owning it. The atmosphere in the place could vibrate paint from the walls, and Gunn more than succeeded in making a few new friends along the way.