The Mothercraft Fresh EP and guitarist for groovy metal group 

Friday 16th, March 2018 / 10:00
By Johnny Jagajivan  


Stoner metal flies high  
Photo by Aaron Kurmey

EDMONTON – About two years ago, a Google search for “Edmonton Stoner Metal” would have led to Grizz Penner’s ad on the networking site for musicians, BandMix. This is how guitarist and vocalist Jordan LeMoine and Penner originally connected to form The Mothercraft. After jamming killer riffs in the basement, they asked Geoff Keller to join on drums.  

Now a regular staple of the Edmonton metal scene, The Mothercraft released their debut five track EP Pillars on January 5 via Bandcamp and will celebrate the release with two gigs in March. Self-described as a vehicle designed for travel in space, delivering righteous riffs to the reaches of the universe, the opening track “Cosmic Nod” does just that. Early Black Sabbath inspired vocals and sharp riffs wind around a heavy hitting, steady beat.  

The EP is just under 25 minutes of atomic face melting riffs, keeping true to the tradition of bands such as the Sword.  

Pillars is a package that can hold its own among the best the stoner genre has to offer, using the success of several singles to formulate their ultimate sound for the EP.  

“Recording was a relatively new experience for all of us. We learned a lot about what we wanted to sound like,” explains Penner.  

It took two studios and several noise complaints to get it done; the band is now bringing that raucous vigor to the stage.  

“Our shows are pretty high energy,” says LeMoine excitedly.

“We try to get everyone involved in the fun we have on stage and off!” 

With no intentions of slowing down, the Mothercraft have tours, festivals and a full-length album in the works.  

“We are constantly writing and jamming new riffs,” says Keller.  

Recently the Mothercraft brought in second guitarist Riley Quinlan to complete their line-up, adding harmonies, blends of tones and a general thickening of their sound. The band describes their new and upcoming songs as being even heavier than the EP. Whether this will change the direction to their approach to the stoner metal genre that remains to be seen.  

With so much on the go, the Mothercraft embodies what it means to be a hardworking band, truly driven by the energy given to them by their local brigade of metal fans. Pillars demonstrates where hard work and dedication will get you. 


Join the Mothercraft at their EP release show at the Starlite Room on March 23 [Edmonton]. They will be joined by Chron Goblin, Sparrow Blue and Fear the Mammoth. They also perform at the Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club on March 24 [Calgary] with Iron Tusk, Electric Revival, Sparrow Blue and Buffalo Bud Buster.

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