ExpressoKino: Experimental Filmmaker’s Showcase 

Thursday 22nd, March 2018 / 12:00
By Michael Grondin 


CALGARY – A call for local experimental films has been put out by Roasterie Coffee House’s weekly film presenters, EspressoKino, for the Fourth Annual Local Experimental Filmmaker’s Showcase on March 29. Occuring every Thursday,  EspressoKino hosts film screenings Kensington’s infamous 400-square-foot coffee roaster and showcases independent and experimental films. 

“We started in April 2015 for two reasons,” explains programmer Shaun Donohue. “The culture of cinema showing non-mainstream films has been dying. We wanted to show primarily the pre-1980 films that got us to where we are. The secondary reason was, we are all regulars at the Roasterie.” Donohue adds, “It’ll essentially be a month of related programming, either with a theme, or a director and we haven’t missed a Thursday since the last Thursday in 2015.” 

Submissions for the Experimental Filmmaker’s Showcase  are open right up until the films are screened, and anyone is encouraged to submit their own atypical and avant-garde take on filmmaking; noting that films should be no longer than 20 minutes. 

“We will collect the films from all of the weirdos who aren’t part of any organization and get no money and we’re gonna give them a night to show all of their crazy films,” he says with a laugh. “We’ll literally accept submissions until 20 minutes before the show. 

“We show the things that just don’t get shown in public anymore,” concludes Donahue. “There’s a big hole in arthouse theatre, or repertory cinema.” 


The Local Filmmakers Showcase presented by EspressoKino will take place at The Roasterie on Thursday March 29, 2018 at 8PM