Rhythm of Cruelty

Monday 26th, March 2018 / 13:06
By Michael Grondin

CALGARY – From pop, to punk, to shoegaze to post-punky darkwave, Alberta’s really got great musical talent. Freshly debuted weirdo-pop, two tape releases and young veterans from Edmonton, Friday night at The Palomino showcased such ripping talent. Go buy their tapes now.

Calgary’s Local Singles, a brand new five-piece (with members from Dri Hiev, Postnamers and more), showed us what happens when you infuse ambient, heavy synths and catchy melodies, reaching a poppy sound somewhere sonically that is hard to describe but so much fun to groove to.

Paradise, which also has a heavy membership of Calgary name-stays, blasted our ears with their grungey, lo-fi, three-guitar sound, replete with all the heaviness you need out of quintessential punk rock.

Sunglaciers are a shining example of Calgary shoegazey goodness. Their explosive psychedelia and impressive skills give them a solid seating in Calgary’s music scene. 

Edmonton’s Rhythm of Cruelty, a duo that pumps out monstrous post-punk, should be (if not already) considered Alberta punk royalty. Darkly drenched in the filthiest, yet smoothest of verb and delay and brain splitting synthetic drums, their masterful and melancholic sludge kept the Palomino’s hearts racing in time.

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