Notice Me Stand Up Comedy Show Celebrates First Year In The Fast Lane

Thursday 29th, March 2018 / 19:21

by Graeme Wiggins

The Vancouver comedy scene moves pretty fast. Shows pop up and end with all too high of a frequency. So when a show can come out of nowhere and manage to make it a year, it’s something to be celebrated. Notice Me is such a show, running at the King’s Café (located at 2223 Kingsway), and it celebrates its first anniversary with a stacked line up of local comedians and special magic performance by stunt magician Wes Barker.

Notice Me’s run is made all the more impressive given that it’s hosted a little out of the way from most comedy venues. Alex Biron, who runs the show started with the thought that the area was going to expand its population pretty rapidly. He explains, “The show started because I lived nearby and I realized there was a huge apartment complex about to be finished across the street. I thought ok awesome I’ll start a comedy show and when all the people move in they’ll start coming to events. Now it’s over a year later and they still haven’t finished the complex because of zoning issues so I literally started a comedy show in front of a ghost town, but it ended up still being a big success.”

Biron attributes that success to the staff of the Café, as well as managing to get an impressive array of mostly local comics. He notes one particular success that’s played there: “A highlight so far would definitely be Ivan Decker headlining. Ivan is becoming super successful; he appeared on Conan recently and just won a JUNO. It was also great seeing Harris Anderson perform his musical comedy and he will be back for the one year anniversary.”

After a year of shows he has plans to make things even bigger, as well as diversify things a bit. “After this year of shows wraps up we have some great stuff to look forward to, including comics from Portland and New York and some live podcast tapings recorded after the comedians finish.”

Notice Me celebrates their one year anniversary Friday March 30 at King’s Café (2223 Kingsway).


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