World Ski and Snowboard Festival Celebrates Mountain Culture

Thursday 05th, April 2018 / 16:20
By Jessie Foster

The Hip Shred Show on Saturday night at WSSF

VANCOUVER – Whistler’s World Ski and Snowboard Festival (WSSF) is back for its consecutive 23rd year of bringing together the best riding, music, arts and partying the village has ever seen. Get your defoggers ready because it promises to be a sweaty weekend of fun. If watching an abundance of great live music by local and international DJs and performers isn’t your jam there are various other events to keep you busy for six days straight.

“What makes it unique is the combination of it all; music, sports, song makers, pro photography and the speakers series,” said Dee Raffo, who has been a Whistler resident for 10 years and works communications and public relations for the event. “I don’t think there’s another festival that truly brings all those aspects of mountain culture together.”

Huge Crowds for the TWSSF Big Air

The WSSF strives to create an all-inclusive experience, including something for everybody in their programming with photography, arts and filmmaking competitions. They will be hosting more than 10,000 people at the base of Whistler Mountain to watch the Big Air. This will be combined with Boardstyle World Championships, Ski Race Extreme, the Slush Cup on Sunday and even a day for Mum’s (and friends) Mountain Classic themed for the 1920s.

As part of the WSSF Music Series, A Tribe Called Red will be headlining Friday night and Jazzy Jeff on Saturday. Other musical guests include Electric Six, Five Alarm Funk, Mat the Alien, Miami Horror DJ Set, Mija, Smalltown DJs, Stacey Pullen and many others.

“Having (A Tribe Called Red) play at the same time as the skiers go off the big air, I think it’s going to be killer dramatic. It’s going to be amazing,” said Raffo.

So give your funny old one-piece ski suits a quick rinse, grab some of your best buddies and get ready for the experience of a lifetime at WSSF.

The World Ski & Snowboard festival takes place April 10 to 15 at various locations throughout Whistler, BC. For more information visit


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