Album Review: JJUUJJUU – Zionic Mud

Wednesday 11th, April 2018 / 08:05
By Trevor Hatter

Zionic Mud
Dine Alone

LA psych rock band JJUUJJUU’s debut album, Zionic Mud, opens strong with “Camo,” firing you into a hypnotic trance of funky basslines, accented by raucously squawking lo-fi guitars. This album conjures images of bohemian Californians dancing barefoot. Drawing you in with it’s siren song before sending your mind’s eye skyward, beyond this earthship.
Zionic Mud maintains high energy through the title track with fantastic build-ups transitioning into wild crescendos. Bookended by “Bleck,” a straight ahead psych track, the first third of the album is funky, spaced out, and danceable. A tempo switch, leading to a gentle outro dove-tailing the short interlude of atmospheric space travel in “Level.” This first instrumental has a softness that only lasts a moment before your consciousness is transported to witness storms on a outlier planet, amping you up and passing you down the line of tales to come.

JJUUJJUU maintains this build up, fade away presence loyally throughout Zionic Mud. The variation of tempo and structure build an excellent album. The layered, airy psych, paired with thunderous drums, moody, post-punk guitars and vocals that don’t take centre stage creates something accessible.