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Wednesday 11th, April 2018 / 09:47

Astrological Forecast for the Month ahead with Willow Herzog  


Your fate is in your hands and written in the Stars
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A look into the cycles and cosmic details of an unfolding forevermore. Paired with a song suggestion specifically curated for your sign.  

Aries (March 21 – April 20) ending and wrapping up areas of your life so you can hit refresh are magnified for you as you move into another layer of healing in your hidden life. Taking time for aspects of your life that are nourishing, restorative and slow will be important this cycle as you take time to reflect and revisit older parts of yourself. Connecting back to yourself is important this cycle as you set new intentions for your healing. There is a determination and pressure to grow into a more professional role and you are feeling the heat to “figure it out”. This incredible amount of determination brings back to you a sense of energy, warmth and vitality as you reassess what you are driven to do. Be aware of trying to control partnerships romantically and professionally as some intense responses may come up this month as transformative shifts occur. Witness your responses as some deep and pointed feelings may be stirred to the surface especially around your identity role and career. A reminder to not get lost in what other people are doing this month as the focus should be on the person you want to be in the larger world and how you show up for who you are becoming. Between April 12th and 14th Venus trine Mars encourages you to utilize the determination you have been cultivating to create structure that will lead to abundance. At this time Mercury is changing direction and information around your career will become more clear to you and an understanding about how you are embodying your purpose in this world. 

Song suggestion for the month: “Hot Dreams” – Timber Timbre 


Taurus (April 21 – May 21) new realities are encouraging your professional realties into a realm of long term plans. Pay close attention to who you want to work alongside you and team up for unexpected collaborations. Mars is moving through your 9th house of long term plans encouraging you to put your ideas out into the world. If you have been planning to publish work the next two months are an astrologically supported time to do so. In December Saturn moved into your 9th house encouraging you to develop your educational background may that be through formal education or not. There is a desire at this time to become more official and revisit the beliefs that provide you with your forward momentum. Many of your planets are in your 12th house right now meaning that the behind the scenes aspects of your life are being activated. Look to the talents you have that you may not always make use of and the reserve of energy you have that could be directed more consciously. Trust the endings that are naturally happening in your life right now and take some time for deep reflection about your own creative nature. There is a pivotal reorganizing and clearing that is happening in your life right now to reclaim your power and bring forth magnetic energy, potential and opportunity. What can you psychologically break free of for your liberation?  

Song suggestion for the month:Nowhere”- UNKLE   


Gemini (May 22 – June 21) this lunar cycle is encouraging you to try something new on the public and career front. Your 6th house is charged by Jupiter right now creating a confluence of energy surrounding health, worth and purpose. You are asked to heal an aspect of connection to career and dream yourself into a new place in your public life. Collaborative efforts can become really heightened at this time and social networks feel renewed with shared hopes and dreams realized through community. Your 8th house is also active at this time bringing up themes of how you deal with the mind and what it does. This is a great time to heal old wounds, attend therapy, work with the beauty of poetry and get to know the themes that reside beneath the surface of your psychological make-up. There is a huge review coming up for you regarding your role with friends and community specifically looking at what and how you communicate. What stronger, deeper feelings do you choose to withhold communicating about and why? Your social life tempo may change for a bit as you feel a gravity towards exploring your internal hidden life that operates behind the scenes. Be aware of your projections onto others through your communication at this time. The work you do internally this month will release you of the pressures that can be created through the social collaborations and structures in your life.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Make it Real” – Suuns   


Cancer (June 22 – July 23) the stars are asking you to check in with your body of work and wisdom traditions. Recommit yourself to any work you have to publish and your creative projects that create beauty and harmony within the community. Take a look at the long term goals you have for your creative projects and review the committed partnerships that will get you there. This is a time for healing and dreamwork especially with your erotic and sensual energy. Your 7th house of partnerships and teamwork is being highlighted and there will be a mixture of pressure and dynamic movement within your relationships especially in regards to your profession. It will feel as if this is a time of professional review of your place in your work life and role in community. There could be some tension in your 10th house of career and 7th house of relationship, allow the notable shifts in these places to take form while infusing difficult situations with healing and love as you look towards long term sustainability. You have some big projects that could be coming to fruition at this time so be sure not to overcommit and finish the projects adhering to what moves you to show up for them. Venus is bringing some good luck your way this cycle alongside connections and a highlighted view on the benefits of hard work in community. A refreshed place will open for you from all the work you have been putting in and an important message surfaces about your career trajectory.  

Song suggestion for the month: “The Orchids” – Psychic TV  


Leo (July 24 – Aug. 23) working within the realm of collaborations and shared resources will be important this month. You will continue to find a deeper sturdiness and appreciation for all the collaborations, professional relations and those who have the desire to invest in your talents. Pluto has been in your 6th house of Capricorn since 2008 creating a determination and intensification of your driving force as you continue to move through obstacles that at times could feel unmovable. Take care of your health and remember to replenish yourself as your work life will take on another level of intensity which leads to a major advancement in your skillset. Review your educational pursuits and how you work with your skills and assets this cycle as well as which communities you are serving with your work. Venus enters your 10th house of Taurus this cycle shining the light on beautification, how can you beautify your home space and professional life. Infuse luxury and pleasure into your career and personal life in a way that is meaningful. April 1st will bring a flash of insight into your future direction and movement. This is a time to focus on the foundations of your life and tend to health and wellness.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Pyramids on Mars” – Doomsquad 


Virgo (Aug. 24 – Sept. 23) focusing on the wounds you carry and how you work to heal yourself and relationships will be highlighted this cycle. This is a time to use creative energy as healing energy and create structure for the creative work you are doing. There is a drive to do something bigger with your creative drive that requires a degree of sustained discipline, be very thoughtful about where and how you are utilizing this energy as you focus in. This creative energy could be focused in the realm of children and committed partnerships or lengthy creative endeavours. There are transits for you through the 8th house in this lunar cycle so be aware of deeper psychological excavation in these areas. The 8th house is where we merge and share, what we are gifted by others, death and letting go and can be connected to mental anguish. You may be dealing with the more complex emotions this cycle so allow compassion towards yourself and remember to be gentle and loving. There may be a level of refining around what works and what doesn’t as you enter into April, detailing and discerning, working on career projects and finding out about your creative potency. Trust the new ideas that are emerging as you revision and allow old sorrows to be shed. April 12th Venus Sextiles Neptune and can be a good day for meeting people aligned with your views. Your ruling planet Mercury is changing direction this month as it finishes passing through the underworld of exploration; layers beneath the surface have transformed and there is renewed sense of expansion and communication around expanding relationships.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Crickets” – Ora Corgan  


Libra (Sept. 24 – Oct. 23) initiation in the area of work life takes on specific importance for you this cycle. The work you cannot get away from, the tools you use to work with others, the people and work conditions that surround you. How is your work filled with healing energy? If it isn’t how can you maximize the potential of its ability to be healing to yourself and others? Jupiter is in your 2nd house of money, expanding potential and assets right now use this time to build bridges to collaborative partners in your work life allowing greater connection. There will be a focus on home and family this cycle, finding out what security means to you and rearranging aspects of your home space. Purging of old life, wounds and family stuff helps you to understand the layers of your foundation and reframe your understanding of your history. The first week of April has you looking at how you communicate your love and bonds, furthering emphasis on new ways of communicating to others. There is a focus on how you deal with emotions as we transition into April encouraging you to take care of a situation as honestly as you can instead of just “being nice” to appease others. Make sure you carve out enough time for yourself this month as something will be spotlighted for you around boundaries and you will find it helpful to have space to sit and feel which direction to take. This will be a cycle that teaches you about how much skill you have developed as you integrate what you have learned through the relationship lessons in your life. 

Song suggestion for the month: “Another Weekend” – Ariel Pink  


Scorpio (Oct. 24 – Nov. 22) this cycle brings about romance, transformation of purpose and an expansion of sense of self. It may feel this month that there is a lot to do and not enough time, you are being asked to redefine your schedule and look at where you place your energy. You are understanding more about what your limits mean and how to create healthy boundaries that ensure your energy isn’t wasted. It is so important to refuel even if the windows to refuel are only a few minutes to sit in the sun, drink a nourishing cup of tea or listen to a song you really love. There is a change in your work life and you are reviewing new possibilities, there could be some really important career information that comes to you at this time. There is a focus on your relationship with what it means to feel healthy and strong in your body and your relationship with what you put into it. Letting a habit go that is for the betterment of your overall health will become more appealing as you work to better support your relationship with your body. At the start of April Venus is shining light on the stable and supportive relationships that you have in your life that nourish and provide you with a sense of gravity and grounding. Enjoy the sexy, loving, connective infusion that Venus is providing this cycle in your relationships and partnerships. 

Song suggestion for the month: “I Found the F”- Broadcast 

Sagittarius (Nov. 23 – Dec. 21) expand your sense of self through the connections that you make and through the bonds that you create, alone time is important but you don’t need to go it alone always. There is a feeling of greater love and connectivity as you make room for expanding relationships in community. This is a time for your creative energy to get more experimental, working with new mediums will allow you to strike gold. New avenues of pleasure will open for you if you are willing to look at what has previously distorted your ideas around self-acceptance. Find new ways of working with the magnetism you possess that is steeped in integrity and transparency. Venus and Uranus meet in your 5th house heightening erotic and romantic energy near the end of March. Enjoy the energy that Venus will be gracing your life with especially in connection to a more generative work and creative life. This cycle is asking you to look at your resources and if you are being strategic with the way you plan for your future self, don’t overspend and look at what financial goals you have to support long term plans. April 7th Venus will trine Saturn which creates an anchoring of work life relationship; allowing a stabilization of wealth on many levels. The Sun is also squaring Pluto asking to look at the way creative energy moves through you and how you allow it to responsibly flow being open to changes. At this time you may be asked to let go of a romantic or professional relation as seeds of potential for something new takes root. Allow the changes that are taking place to provide an expansive boost in your energy.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Over Everything”- Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile 


Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 20) identity and connection to others will be re-assessed and insights to family relationships highlighted this lunar cycle. Building a healthy foundation and looking at where you lose your energy is important, have you had to hide a part of you that is vital? What are you learning about this and how can you release more energy into your life and not feel held back. This can be a time to look at depressive tendencies and where they surface for you. Venus energy is strong for you this cycle so allow yourself to indulge and enjoy pleasure alongside discipline. Venus energy needs to be fed this month for you so infuse your cycle with celebration, sensuality and poetry. Friday is the day of Venus so perhaps clear time each Friday to honour what is sensual and enjoyable. There is a decision hanging around on the horizon that doesn’t seem to have a lot of room to make around your career life, leave some space for contemplation around this area of your life. Be mindful of the professional obligations that you take on as you will be seen clearly for you do this month and the more focused your energy can be the stronger the reception of the energy you put out will be. Utilize symbols and visions if and when they come up around your creative life as this can be a heightened time of synthesis in your creativity and healing.

Song suggestion for the month: “Heartbeats” – The Knife 


Aquarius (Jan. 21 – Feb. 19) approaching work with dedication, sincerity and gratitude will create flow towards greater abundance. Jupiter travelling through Scorpio which is your 10th house of work and career will create luck and opportunity in your work life. If you are full of gratitude you will receive these gifts in a tangible way. The realm of dreams is a helpful place to focus this cycle and to stay committed to healthy practices in self-care. See what messages come up in your subconscious and allow yourself to flush out those qualities that don’t bring about healing and learning, what can you let go of? Venus moves into Taurus which is your 4th house of Family, allow your homespace to be a place of gathering and expansion of senses. Spend time in your home space with good people and good food anchoring into your home life in a way that nourishes. Look at the ways in which you get in your own way and allow yourself to move into a place in which you can support yourself in a more sustainable way. There may be a readjustment around long term plans, trust this. There is a building with family this month structurally allowing you to feel a greater sturdiness that can lead to the ability to have more open conversations and a greater feeling of wellbeing. Your interior experience will show up in your work and career strongly this month so don’t forget that the two affect each other. The work you have been doing on an internal level this month will be highlighted with external opportunities, prepare for some unexpected gifts and personal breakthroughs.  

Song suggestion for the month: “ Peace On The Rise” – Chad VanGaalen 


Pisces (Feb. 20 – Mar. 20) the theme this lunar cycle is vitality, expansiveness and flowing into the shape that is ever present. Jupiter your ruling planet is in your 9th house of learning, expansion, identity and work in the world. It is asking you to look at where and how you find your meaning. Infuse your life with the places and people with whom you find appreciation and meaning. It is time for you to shed layers of personality and heal your relationship with your persona. Self-evident future hopes will require a strong level of determination and dedication at this time. Some tasks will feel momentarily impossible, they only feel this way, allow this to transform your personal motivation and you will end up with a little more gold in your pocket. This is a time to look at your role in group dynamics and how you may value or devalue yourself. Professional chaos may be apparent in your workplace as consequences within group dynamics, deadlines and figuring out how to make ends meet are highlighted. Pay attention to what is happening in your industry and how you can connect to others in mutually beneficial ways. Things are changing shape as affirming opportunities come your way and you will be working out politics in your career life. Pay special attention to how you feel about your own worth and value and remember to hold onto your own boundaries.

Song suggestion for the month: “Violence”- Andy Stott

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