Buffalo Bud Buster return appearance at 420 Music and Arts Festival

Thursday 12th, April 2018 / 10:00
By Matty Hume 

Shedding and shredding across the plains.
Photo by Trevor Hatter

CALGARY – Just east of the Rocky Mountains, a four-strong herd of sage shreddin’ bison are turning the rolling Foothills of Alberta into a desert rock wonderland. Roger “Captain Red Beard” Reuser, Deano Robertson, Jake Rogers and Danny Freeze are Buffalo Bud Buster — a distortion-heavy quartet that’s every bit as loud and hazy as the name suggests.  

“Just get a buffalo, an Orange stack and a guitar and just let ‘em rip! That’s what we sound like,” laughs Robertson, who lends the band his bass skills when he’s not hammering out award-winning tattoos.  

Bashing away at the hides and cymbals is Shirtless Jake, whose late arrival offers a unique perspective to Buffalo Bud Buster’s, solid yet molten, sludge metal effusions. 

“I got to see Buffalo Bud Buster play a couple of times before I joined,” the concussive percussionist vividly recalls.

“I remember being blown away, because they were so loud and so fuzzy! They had this larger-than-life kind of vibe.” 

Butting into Calgary’s local scene, Buffalo Bud Buster first ran wild a decade and a half ago on their rock crushing 2003 debut, The Fur And The Fuzz. Despite a few long winters since that cathartic release, the band is far from extinct.  

“We’re probably looking at recording real soon, but like buffalo we move at our own pace,” gruffs Reuser.

“And, we don’t play any of the old songs.” 

So, don’t even bother asking. Truth be told, the foursome maintains some pretty high standards, including having a brand new song ready for every live show. Reuser promises at least a few freshly inked tunes, the product of weekly head-smashing jam sessions, will emerge before Buffalo Bud Buster return appearance at the upcoming 420 Music and Arts Festival. 

“This is our love and that’s the amount of time we can put into it. We practice as much as we can and then we white-knuckle it to the stage,” he horns in. 

With shows planned well-into the summer including stops at the Okanagan Tattoo Show and Brewfest, Buffalo Bud Buster’s journey is just getting started. Armed with a fistful of riffs and spliffs, BBB are ready to reclaim their natural habitat – the stage.  

“I think the live show draws out our best delivery, to be honest with you. We just love to bring it.” 


Buffalo Bud Buster performs with La Chinga, Mendozza, Bazaraba and more on day two of the 420 Music and Arts Festival, which takes place April 20 at Distortion (Calgary).

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