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Sasquatch Headlining at 420 Music and Arts Festival

Thursday 12th, April 2018 / 12:00
By Matty Hume 

L.A.’s Sasquatch put the hairy back in metal.
Photo by Banana

CALGARY – There’s no need to trek into the mountains for your cryptozoology getaway this year because Sasquatch will be delivering its heavy, fuzzy and beer-soaked rock rampage right to Calgary’s doorstep.

This rare sighting comes hot off the release of the stealthy sludge metal outfit’s fifth studio album, Maneuvers. Formed in 2001, Sasquatch’s first grainy appearance was back recorded in 2004. Since that debut on the Small Stone record label, Sasquatch’s lineup has settled into Keith Gibbs on guitar and vocals, Jason “Cas” Casanova on the bass and Craig Riggs behind the drum kit. Between hearty laughs and banter, the band says their fifth studio album, Maneuvers, benefits from the effortless cohesion of the current trio.

“It’s just really fun to be in the band right now,” Gibbs says. “When Riggs joined the band (in 2017), it just made everything so much easier. Everything’s just fallen into place when we write songs.”

“When I first joined the band I heard they followed the Zeppelin style,” adds Cas.

Shy but cheeky, Sasquatch describes Maneuvers as a meat and potatoes effort that required trimming any unnecessary jamming to make room for clean riffs. The hirsute threesome’s aim? To keep those giant feet moving with a steady forward momentum and to waste no time in putting together the beast’s next omnivorous opus.

“We recorded six songs last night in like, three hours,” says an enthusiastic Riggs. He goes on to explain that Sasquatch’s recording goes down in Riggs’ own Mad Oak Studios, which shares its moniker with Riggs’ coffee brewing company. According to Gibbs, Riggs keeps a damn good cold brew on tap at all times when recording.

That jolt of hair-raising energy will come in handy as Sasquatch prepares to headline the Thursday, April 19 line-up of the 420 Music and Arts Festival at Distortion in Calgary. “We’re gonna lay it all on the line that night,” promises a well-caffeinated Gibbs. “Especially, because it’s just one gig, so we can just exhaust ourselves and not worry about the next day.” 

Sasquatch performs with Electric Owl, Great Electric Quest, Solid Brown, Gin Lahey, Haaze and Set & Stoned on day one of the 420 Music and Arts Festival, which takes place April 19 at Distortion (Calgary).

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