Thursday 12th, April 2018 / 08:00
By Jessie Foster

VANCOUVER – If feeling good about yourself and those around you is something you’re into, then the latest track “SEXXXXX” by Parlour Panther is for you. The spicy single is from their forthcoming LP “Hot Magic,” which is slated to be released on June 1. Their ultimate passion is pounded into your cerebrum with subtle hints of french fluidity, southern twang and western hospitality. Parlour Panther takes you on a journey with a beautiful concoction of femininity mixed with the occasional heavy guitar riff and rhythmic drumming.

“Our instrumentation is unique, including a Moog Sub Phatty bass synth, about a million guitar pedals, a full drum kit and three-way vocals. Not your average indie rock band set up. In just one song we’ll play with different rhythms and feels and really explore the space. We love to contrast sections, going from something really beautiful to something real dirty and dark,” describes Stephanie Hodgins, creator, vocal, electric guitar, producer, mixer and proclaimed wizard of the band.

Parlour Panther is influenced by the cool grooves and beautiful harmonies in the vein of Alabama Shakes, Local Natives and Vancouver’s own the New Pornographers.

Hodgins’ partner, Lee Newman, is attributed as the creator, vocal, synth and mastermind of Parlour Panther. These two, paired with Charles Wesley on drums, make for a rabble rousing powerhouse.

“I have always been a singer and performer since I was a little kid,” says Newman. “But the writing came later for me. In fact, I didn’t really give writing a try until I met Steph and Charles. They are both amazing songwriters and they inspired me. Steph encouraged me to write and I got obsessed and will never stop.”

The song starts off in a low tone followed by the methodically high octave vocals of Wesley. The follow-through is hard hitting with undertones of reflection, love, truth and triumphs. Just when you think you know where they’re going with the melody, Parlour Panther pulls a 360 and uproots your senses.

Parlour Panther show no signs of stopping and have only teased what’s to come with “SEXXXXX.” Once their full length drops this summer, it’s only a matter of time before they’re doing “it” all night long.

Catch Parlour Panther April 19 at the Wise Hall Lounge.