Stepping Stone Holistic Living Integrate Weed Into Alternative Healthcare

Thursday 12th, April 2018 / 07:00
By Jordan Yeager

VANCOUVER – Walking into Stepping Stone Holistic Living, you might not realize right away that it’s a dispensary – there’s no glassware on display, the walls aren’t lined with jars of weed, and the music, aromas, and atmosphere are reminiscent of a spa. That’s because Stepping Stone isn’t just a dispensary. Sure, they sell weed — including flowers, edibles, and juices — but to them, weed is less of a focal point, instead representing one piece of a holistic health puzzle.

“We take a more integrative approach to the cannabis industry,” says director of operations Adelie Houle. “We have massage, reiki, and homeopathy, and we’ll be adding aromatherapy and more as we keep moving along. We like to think about old forms of medicine that have been forgotten. We’re borrowing from all around the world: from Chinese medicine, herbs; from a bit of Ayurveda.”

“We always offer clients the opportunity to include our CBD topical products in their session,” she continues. “Clients can request our CBD massage oil, aromatherapy roll-ons, and/or to consume cannabis products such as flowers or tinctures prior to their treatment.”

The benefits of consuming weed – especially CBD – are well documented when it comes to relieving pain and anxiety. But CBD has just as many benefits when applied topically, and that’s where Stepping Stone’s specialty lies.

“With any topical products, it’s an epidermal effect, so it’s not going to go into your bloodstream,” explains Houle. “Which is why, even with THC-based products, you’re not going to feel any psychoactive effects. On a topical level, you’re looking at pain-relieving and numbing effects. You’re looking at anti-spasmodic effects, relieving nerve or muscle tension and spasms. It also has tremendous benefits for your skin itself. There are so many nutrients and vitamins found within CBD. It’s super moisturizing and can help rejuvenate your skin.”

Though the stigma against weed has yet to completely subside, Houle says that even within the last six months, a shift towards acceptance has been palpable.

“We have more and more people that come in who don’t consume cannabis from all walks of life, whether it’s new moms or elderly people, who are all discovering the benefits of CBD, hemp, and cannabis, and are wanting to reap the benefits of it. People who have never smoked throughout their entire lives, but heard of our topical products and are now are getting involved with teas or CBD products or coming in for the topicals. We’ve seen a huge change in demographic and it’s exciting. It’s a great alternative for people who are used to the pharmaceutical industry and all of the sudden find relief in ways that can have really positive effects and hopefully take away a lot of the negative side effects they’d been experiencing before.”

Stepping Stone Holistic Living is located at 2487 Kingsway.

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