John Garcia, Chron Goblin and Hypnopilot  

Friday 13th, April 2018 / 09:28
By Christine Leonard

Flashback to the future. 
Photo by Mario Montes

Distortion, March 10   

John Garcia at Distortion Photo by Mario Montes

Who better to introduce a desert rock legend John Garcia on his midlife tour-de-force than one of Calgary’s original fuzz bands, Hypnopilot? The somnambulistic power-chord trippin’ three-piece certainly warmed things up, but there’s no amount of hot yoga that can prepare one for the knee-buckling acid rock of Chron Goblin. Unfurling the red rolling papers for the King of Kyuss, the hair-ruffling quartet marched out a procession of foundational favs that showed off some healthy winter weight gain. The swelling crowd gratefully gobbled up the few tasty appetizers the local guitar heroes teased from their yet to be released new album. Chum in the water for an audience that was well primed from Saturday of day drinking and listening to John Garcia’s back catalogue pulled from gritty glove compartment treasure chests. The revered showman, solo artist and former vocalist of Kyuss, Vista Chino, Slo Burn, Unida, and Hermano – John Garcia looked pretty damn good for a 47-year-old Arizonan. Palming his microphone like a tango partner, the pompadoured maestro and his backing band of studio ringers immediately kicked into gear with a luscious rendering of “Gardenia.” That backseat, make-out anthem set the map for a slick detour through deep and mysterious psych-rock canyons. Warping time and space, Garcia covered 25 years over the course of two solid hours of sweat, smoke and sweet Blues for the Red Sun breakdowns that left faces aglow and ears abuzz.

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