The career of Veronica Weibsstück

Saturday 14th, April 2018 / 10:00


By Catalina Briceno 


“There’s not a day that I’m like ‘I don’t want to go to work today.’”

CALGARY – At just 25-years-old, Veronica Weibsstück has turned her dreams into a reality, courtesy of her industrious nature. 

At the early age of 18, her love for music propelled her to new heights, eventually resulting in her becoming Excision and Dion Timmer’s management assistant.  

According to Weibsstück, it was attending shows and seeing her friends become involved in the community as promoters for Connected Entertainment, a promotion company for electronic music in Edmonton, that incited her to participate. 

“I just saw how stoked people would get from the events that they were doing, and wanted to bring that excitement to other people.” 

Weibsstück says it was because of her enthusiasm at meetings that made Seelo Mondo, Nestor Delano, Mikey Wong, Dusty Wright, head honchos at Connected bring her onboard.  

Weibsstück went from promoter to helping make executive decisions for bookings, as an assistant manager, and later as a production manager.  

“I loved [making suggestions] and bringing in talent that nobody else was [thinking of] and always putting myself in the position to do more work. I wanted to do the admin stuff, I wanted to help with the contracts, I wanted to do the advancing,” says Weibsstück. 

“Some people say being female is really hard in the industry, I haven’t had that issue to be quite honest. My biggest thing was my age, I was worried that nobody would take me seriously because I was 18.” 

After her brief hiatus, Weibsstück dove right into work again in 2015 after her when her boss at the time, Dan Wurtele offered her a role as production manager running event logistics and bookings at Blueprint, after the company bought Connected. 

Moments of synchronicity and winks from the universe indicated that Weibsstück was on the right path. A defining moment for her at Blueprint was Northern Lights 2013, the event was hit quickly selling out.  

The standout roster consisted of a wide selection of impressive talent from Calvin Harris, Nicky Romero, R3hab to Krewella, Flux Pavillion, and Bassnectar catering to different tastes – ranging from electro house to dubstep. 

Her time at Blueprint allowed her to blossom professionally and fulfill her dream of becoming part of the dubstep heavyweight Excision and young gun protégé, Dion Timmer’s management team.  

“Right before Northern Lights 2017, Brett [Excision’s] brother who is also his tour manager [asked me]: “Hey do you want to work on some stuff for Dion we have a lot of admin stuff,” recalls Weibsstück. 

At Shambhala Music Festival, Jeff Abel, who goes by the moniker Excision expressed serious interest to work alongside her for his festival Lost Lands, held in Ohio, as management assistant.  

This past year, Weibsstück left Blueprint to become a full-time tour assistant for the Paradox Tour and as management assistant for Abel and Dion Timmer. 

“There’s not a day that I’m like ‘I don’t want to go to work today.’ I’ve never felt so in place and accepted and confident in what I’m doing than I have with this,’” she enthuses.   

“Working with someone like Jeff, you learn so much. It’s insane, [he’s on the go], and he’s always working on something. His work ethic is unmatched, it shows by where he is and how far he’s gotten.” 

Hard work produces results. Weibsstück is set to dominate the festival circuit working behind the scenes working artist relations for Valhalla Sound Circus in Montreal July 19 to 13 and Bass Cannon, a festival held at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington that runs from August 24 to 26 where headliners, Excision and Nightmare will go back-to-back. You can also catch Dion Timmer at the Marquee Beer Market & Stage on April 21 (Calgary).

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