Album Review: The Shit Talkers – I Scream

Wednesday 18th, April 2018 / 13:44
By Johnny Papan

The Shit Talkers
I Scream
Mountain Momma Records

I Scream is a raw, unapologetic, to-the-core punk rock record. The opening track, “Ewwwww,” is a borderline-destructive offering that draws imaginative imagery of a wild house party, moshers romping about, shoving each other through walls with aggressive affection. “Normal Love,” the following track, is a romantic blend of grungy groove mixed with angsty thrash.

From there, the Shit Talkers unleash a flurry of speedy tracks with “Shut Up,” “Late in French,” “Betty,” and “8th Dick,” before continuing the trend with the album’s lead single, “The They,” and ending with “Fukn Guyz.” I Scream packs a fun-filled fist to the face and kick to the groin.