BeatRoute’s Vancouver Dispensary Guide

Wednesday 18th, April 2018 / 11:00
By Jessie Foster

GIF by Jashua Peter Grafstein

Vancouver is considered to be the Amsterdam of Canada. No wonder why with hundreds of dispensaries budding up around the city and headshops embracing for legalization. Here’s a sneak peak of BeatRoute’s favourite dispensaries the city has to offer.

Leaves Of Zazie
109 E Broadway
Leaves of Zazie donates back to the community with $1 of their charity strand going towards Paws for Hope Animal Foundation. They carry bunches of non-marijuana products which have unique strengths in healing ailments.
BONUS POINTS: Paws for Hope

2303 E Hastings St.
Just like a good chicken, they never stop laying down quality products. They work around the clock to acquire new strains, product lines and looking at Cannabis in a fresh new way.
BONUS POINTS: Happy birthday gram

2223 Commercial Dr.
Cannaclinics offers smoke-free forms of medical cannabis such as ingestible tablets, extracts, edible oils and butters, suppositories, oils for vaporizers and topical products. Cannaclinics is “Canada’s Most Reliable Medical Cannabis Dispensary.”
BONUS POINTS: Doctor-like professionalism

Green Panda
1707 Robson St.
The Green Panda is known to attract all sorts of international attention for their stellar and loyal customer service. They offer joints for just a handful of dollars as well as spaces to roll before you head out. They’ve got stickers, free shirts and an all-around down to earth atmosphere.
BONUS POINTS: Bud referral program

Lotusland Cannabis Club
3474 W Broadway.
Huge flowers of pure joy. Lotusland boasts eight different locations across Vancouver and Victoria and carry a wide selection of high-grade medicinal marijuana products including concentrates, edibles and so much more.
BONUS POINTS: Medical marijuana flowers

231 Abbott St.
Building relationships, being approachable and offering a fully laid-back vibe is what sets RedMed apart from the rest. Absolutely no white lights or sterile ambience in this grassroots facility. Come here if you like a wide range of flowers, anywhere from 25-40 strains at a time!
BONUS POINTS: Owned by Canadian rap legend, Red1!

Village Bloomery
1540 West 2nd Ave, The Waterfall Building #206
Walking up to the shop is described as magical, with sights such as glass galleries, natural courtyard and waterfalls. It’s got a great seated area out front with a very natural organic feel. Even has reading material inside if you’re looking for a place to spend the afternoon.
BONUS POINTS: Highly relaxing

Karuna Health Foundation
4510 Victoria Dr.
Karuna goes above and beyond your regular corner store dispensary. As a tasty bonus they offer frozen smoothies, ice cream, coffees and slurpees for their sweetest customers. They offer over 90 strains and 50 extracts with anything from skin creams and bath bombs to Phoenix tears.
BONUS POINTS: Tinctures, tears and treats

Farm Dispensary
369 Columbia St.
Municipally licensed, Farm focuses on unpacking industry buzzwords with their endocannabinoid wellness program. They’ve done work with Hives for Humanity to develop batches of honey infused with CBD and another with THC to raise funds to support the community garden.
BONUS POINTS: Infused honey, yum

Buddha Barn
2179 W 4th Ave.
The Buddha Barn not only heals with nature’s safest medicine, they hold yoga nidra, yoga and meditation classes to develop body, mind and soul. True to their name, they give back to the community by supporting abused women and children around Canada.
BONUS POINTS: Yoga classes

Wealth Shop
4545 W 10th Ave.
These pioneers foster a community hub where cannabis can collide with design, culture and innovation for an exceptionally lush experience. Vancouver’s first licensed cannabis dispensary hits it out of the park when it comes to emulsifying stereotypes in the growing industry.
BONUS POINTS: Empowers positivity