Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show Brings Hundreds of Local, International Artists to an Accessible Stage

Wednesday 18th, April 2018 / 23:47
by Hogan Short

VANCOUVER – The Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show is back at the Vancouver Convention Centre, starting on April 20 and running through the weekend.

“If you’re new to tattooing, this gives you an opportunity to see the entire gamut of styles, as well as the individual style of each artist,” says event organizer Tim Lajambe. “If you are an avid tattoo collector, it gives you an opportunity to be tattooed from artists all around the world.”

So why go to a convention over simply walking into a shop and booking an appointment?

“To see, meet, and support local artists!” enthuses Moorea Hum-Spensley, who tattoos out of a private studio in Vancouver called ICE. “It’s a great opportunity to buy prints or other artwork. You can also get tattooed by artists who are usually booked up months in advance.”

With over 200 artists and their portfolios present, it’s easy to find a style that suits your vision. Local artist Kyle Hoffarth has some tips for anyone worried they might be overwhelmed or underprepared.

“Number one: bring cash,” he says. “Tattooers aren’t typically tech-savvy business people, so we deal with cash only. Also, the convention is a great place to get some really unique artwork. Many artists will have one-off drawings and flash to choose from. Take advantage of the convention to get something truly unique and original.”

Even if you’re not sure you want a tattoo, Lajambe says there are plenty of other things to enjoy at the show.

“We have tattoo contests, aerial performers, taiko drummers, lion dancers, and the list goes on. This year specifically we are trying to incorporate more culture from the different countries of the origins of tattooing.”

So why not get a fresh tattoo this 4/20? Whatever your hopes or hesitations, expect a fun and inclusive environment that is, at the very least, a unique way to spend your weekend.

Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show runs from April 20-22 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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