Abigail Lapell moved by melody

Friday 20th, April 2018 / 13:00


By Andrew Bardsley 


Abigail Lapell

CALGARY – Abigail Lapell is no stranger to the open road, having lived semi-nomadically for much of her adult life. “I didn’t really have a fixed address” Lapell said in a phone interview from her home in Toronto.  

Currently working on her third studio album in between a whirlwind touring schedule which brings her across Canada, Lapell describes herself as ‘folk noir Canadiana’. “I think my music has a darkness to it, but in a playful way and that is something that really appeals to me as a listener. So that is something I am always conscious of, having a little bit of an edge but still trying to keep it pretty earnest and sincere.” 

Much of her 2017 album Hide Nor Hair was inspired by her travels, which brought the young folk singer to Israel and Jordan. “There are some obtuse references to that trip on the album” confirms Lapell.  

She also brings a quiet intensity with her lyrics and a warmth with her haunting delivery. Having won the 2017 Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Album of the Year, Lapell’s music transcends her age – her voice has a timeless quality that entrances fans and new comers alike with smooth and smoky lyrics while often dark. 

Hoping to release new music in late 2018, Lapell hopes that her yet to be named album will be a welcome sound for fans. “Much of the production was the same and it has a lot of the same sounds,” Said Lapell.  

Different from traditional singer songwriters with her writing style, she chases the melody first then writes lyrics afterwards. “I am just more focused on the melody and most of my songs are not narrative driven so it is more like, ‘This syllable sounds good in this part, or this mood would be good here.’ It is not like I write the A,B,C of what happened. It is much more than that.”   

Abigail Lapell will be performing at the Cornerstone Music Cafe (14919 Deer Ridge Dr. SE, Calgary) on April 27.