Holy Wave – Adult Fear 

Friday 20th, April 2018 / 17:00


By Tory Rosso 

The Reverberation Appreciation Society  

Following up on the heels of Holy Wave’s Freaks Of Nurture, their 2016 release, Adult Fear is the Austin band’s fifth official release and third full-length album. Sticking with their signature, hazy psych-garage sound, Holy Wave has managed to release yet another captivating collection of tracks.  

With each new album, they seem to mature towards new levels of experimentation and layering lush instrumentation, amid tracks gliding effortlessly between different grooves and tempos. This does not so much startle, but rather takes one on a trip reminiscent of groups such as The Zombies, Pink Floyd (a la Syd Barrett), and more recently, Ariel Pink. Layered in abundant organ/synth tones and track lengths reaching above eight minutes, Holy Wave drenches classic psych sounds on a blotter of fresh composition.

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