Wild Child Exceed Expectations Embracing Authenticity

Friday 20th, April 2018 / 23:59
by Zach Johnson

Photo by Sean Daigle

VANCOUVER – The Austin-based seven-piece indie folk band Wild Child is on a continuous journey of authenticity in their artistic expression. The two primary songwriters, Alexander Beggins and Kelsey Wilson, originally met in a different band prior to forming Wild Child in 2010. Throughout the past eight-years the band has released four full length albums, their most recent being Expectations, a fully realized collection of bombastic indie pop.

“I don’t think we’ve made a conscious effort to evolve our sound,” Beggins explains. “We’ve never wanted to make the same record twice, but we are consciously trying to find a way to change [our sound] and we have a big pool of inspiration.”

Regardless of Wild Child’s mindset, their 2011 debut, Pillow Talk, took off thanks to their song-writing talent. “All those songs did really well on Hype Machine online for some reason and we were all like ‘shit, I guess we’re doing that now,’” jokes Wilson.

Shortly after Wild Child’s first album, their carefree approach to song writing stopped. “Wild Child started strictly for fun: zero expectations, zero drive to be or do anything. It all kind of accidently fell into our lap, with music that we wouldn’t have ever set out to make initially. We started playing [Pillow Talk] on the road and realized we didn’t like playing quiet ukulele stuff in loud open bars and that wasn’t us,” Wilson asserts.

Fast-forward to the present day and Wild Child is more driven, ambitious and passionate than ever. The band has gone above and beyond to create their best record to date with Expectations. The nine song LP released this past February was recorded in both North America and Europe in collaboration with some well-known producers and musicians including Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie), Scott McMicken (Dr. Dog), Matthew Logan Vasquez (Delta Spirit) and Chris Boosahda (Shakey Graves). Expectations is a cohesive and well-written album that resonates with Wild Child fans for its relatable content.

“I think Expectations is best explained by the title,” says Beggins. “There is the duality of the statement like expectations of who we want to be, and where we want to be, and who we’re with and what relationships we’re involved in, all of us. Expectations is how I feel about the expectations we have set for ourselves.”

Like Pillow Talk and its successor albums, Expectations is another successful representation of the band’s authentic expression. Wild Child has captured the mindset of its members, infused some diverse producers and musical styles, and created an album through incredible effort that continues to build on the impressive repertoire it has already produced.

Wild Child have grown up significantly throughout their eight years as a band, but one element is constant: Wild Child has, is, and will continue to be authentic to their music and message.

Wild Child perform at the Fox Cabaret (Vancouver) on April 26.