Nothing More Tell Furious Stories

Sunday 22nd, April 2018 / 10:00
By Trevor Morelli 


110 per cent and nothing less. 
Photo by Alysse Gafkjen

CALGARY – Texas has a long history of producing ear-splitting, heavy hitting rock acts. From Pantera to At the Drive In, the hot, sweaty nights seem to bring out sickest riffs and deepest basslines from the depths of the desert sand and San Antonio’s Nothing More is no exception. 

Last year, Nothing More broke through in a big way with The Stories We Tell Ourselves (2017), a modern prog-rock classic that not only earned the band critical acclaim, but also landed them three Grammy nominations including Best Rock Album, Best Rock Performance, and Best Rock Song for the single “Go to War.” 

“That one’s definitely personal,” reflects singer Jonny Hawkins on the hit song, which acted as the album’s first single. 

“It was written at the end of an eight year relationship where the end of that relationship got real fiery, and very confusing, and just kind of devolved, even though six to seven years of it was pretty peaceful.” 

Moving through the opening blasts of the unification anthem “Do You Really Want It?” and eventually arriving at the final melodic phrases of “Fadein/Fadeout,” Stories is a conceptually and lyrically rich affair filled with deafening drums, razor-sharp guitar riffs and passionate vocals.  

By Hawkins’ account, his bandmates, guitarist Mark Vollelunga, bassist Daniel Oliver and drummer Ben Anderson are just as eager as he is to bring Stories to Canada for a chain of springtime engagements with Papa Roach and Escape the Fate. 

“I’m always pumped to go out with some friends,” he proclaims about Papa Roach, whose lead singer Jacoby Shaddix appeared in the video for Nothing More’s track “Don’t Stop.” 

“I usually don’t get very excited until the day of the first show. I’m usually a little bummed-out to leave home, because I start getting used to it. Then I get that adrenaline kick the first time and I’m like, ‘Alright. I’m back!’” 

Always a spectacle to behold, Nothing More has been known to incorporate epic theatrics like a metal scorpion tail and sound machines made from scrap car parts into their live shows.  Hawkins says many of those elements will be present at the outfit’s upcoming Calgary stop and that his band will bring their all to the stage. 

“If you come out and see us, we’ll be swinging for the fences,” he declares. “We always give it 110 per cent every night.” 


Nothing More perform with Papa Roach and Escape the Fate on May 2 at Grey Eagle Resort & Casino (Calgary), April 29 at Burton Cummings Theatre (Winnipeg), and on May 1 at Conexus Arts Centre (Regina).

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