J Blissette – Until I Go Blind 

Tuesday 24th, April 2018 / 15:38


By Tory Rosso

Pleasance Records  

J Blissette is the creative moniker and artistic love child of Jackson Tiefenbach. Based out of Lethbridge, Until I Go Blind is the bands debut, full-length release. The album explores a plethora of sounds ranging from jangly post punk, ‘60s garage, power pop, and even touches on a soulful palette. One example of these merging tones is on the track “Nellcote,” where it’s as if Al Green and Twin Peaks got together to co-write a song.  

Carefully crafted, mid-fi production accurately surfaces on the lead single, “A Series Of Observations.” This particular piece is accompanied by saxophone solos, which serves to complement and enhance the joyful energy already present in the track. Listening to the 12-track LP evokes a myriad of altering emotions: angst, elation, and catharsis.  

In the company of all of these sonic shades and mental sensations, Until I Go Blind fashions itself as a cohesive unit, manufactured by J Blissette.

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