Steve Miller Band + Peter Frampton Live at the Abbotsford Event Centre

Wednesday 25th, April 2018 / 13:52
Photos and Words by Tom Paille

Abbotsford Event Centre
April 16th, 2018

Peter Frampton and Steve Miller have been friends for fifty-one years and never toured with each other. The two classic rockers came out to Abbotsford this week for an amazing look back at over fifty years of hits and memories. With a combined musical catalogue of over 27 Billboard Top 100 hits it was sure to be an epic evening.

When you think of Peter Frampton, usually an iconic, best-selling album cover comes to mind. Although the blurred image of all that hair is years in the rear-view, the guitar skills are just as sharp and the wit even sharper. Several references to lost hair and the 1800’s brought many smiles to the sold-out crowd but the sweet sounds from his Gibson guitar brought the big cheers. Frampton told a story of a song-writing afternoon in the Bahamas which gave us both “Show Me the Way” and “Baby, I Love Your Ways”. Proof that the creative process didn’t suffer from the excesses of the 70’s.

Steve Miller and the Steve Miller Band drew a huge ovation when they took the stage under their iconic Pegasus logo on the backdrop. The hits from the 70’s and 80’s poured out from the opening song to the finale of “Jungle Love” and “Jet Airliner”. It was one big sing-along that Miller frequently praised and encouraged. Despite an endless catalogue of Classic Rock radio staples, Miller’s first love is the blues. As a treat, he brought Peter Frampton back on stage and they played a magical mini-set of three blues classics. Each one in a different blues style, and each one mesmerizing. ‘Mercury Blues’ was completely different from any previous version but so cool, so smooth. The years of experience and friendship between Frampton and Miller have created a special chemistry that they have wisely merged into one amazing nostalgic night.

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