Zeke – Hellbender 

Thursday 26th, April 2018 / 16:08
By Dan Potter

Relapse Records  

After a hellishly long wait, Zeke are back with their first album in 14 years. The punk legends known for mixing the gritty might of Motorhead with the cartoon fun of The Ramones sound in great form right off the top of the album as “On the Road” kicks out some seriously caffeinated guitar solos. Thankfully, each song continues to snuff out boredom with an all-killer-no-filler approach. 

“Burn” literally sounds like the band is about to spontaneously combust as the snarling vocals spat out over the whip-crack of the one-hundred-mile-an-hour snare drum will leave any punk extremist dizzy.  The fun continues on “AR-15,” with the refrain “Blow it away/Blow it away” whilst the misanthropic anthem is taken even higher with New York Dolls-like guitar leads sped up to an un-godly tempo. 

The inhuman speed that these short but damaging blitzkriegs are belted out is truly frightening and definitely makes this Zeke’s fastest recording to date.

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