Blessed And Tunic Agree To Disagree On Latest Split 7-Inch Release

Monday 30th, April 2018 / 11:52
By Sean Orr

Blessed – Photo by Jece Lasek

Winnipeg’s Tunic and Abbotsford’s Blessed just released a split 7-inch on Buzz Records and it’s an exercise in contemporary post-rock aesthetics, a study of variations on a central theme. What might seem like strange bedfellows, the wiry grit of prairie angst and the introspective math rock of metro Vancouver come together like old pals sharing memories over fries and non-ironic Coors Light in a suburban diner.

Tunic – Photo by Adam Kelly

Sure they might have diverged a bit in their life choices, but they have more in common that not. Yeah, they disagree over the new Ought and Preoccupations albums, but they both agree that both bands are pushing the envelope. One of them might like NPR and the other might like the Blink-155 podcast, but they can still share a long van ride together in peace.

That the expansive 7-minute art-prog “Sound” by Blessed is at home with the snarling sandpaper of Tunic’s “Teeth Showing” is a testament to both the genre and to their friendship. Because sometimes your cerebral, ambitious, tightly coiled friend just wants to shred, and sometimes your restless, sharp-tongued friend just want to take their time. You going to finish those fries, brah?

Blessed – Sound

Tunic – Teeth Showing