CLUBLAND: May 2018

Thursday 03rd, May 2018 / 13:21
By Alan Ranta

VANCOUVER – What is there to believe in anymore? It may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but the power of live music is still with us. Catharsis through sound exists. Stuff yourself in one of these venues and forget the harshness of reality for a couple hours.

May 12 @ Open Studios

Born in Japan, raised in the U.K., and currently calling Germany home, master DJ and producer TJ Hertz studied electronic and information engineering at Oxford, and subsequently worked at Native Instruments developing software, so you know his techno-based, post-dubstep-tinged sets are as smart as can be, no hyperbole.

The Glitch Mob
May 14 @ Commodore

Bass music hasn’t been the same since Los Angeles glitch addicts edIT, Boreta and Ooah combined forces. Their live sets are all about channeling their technological process into dance floor chemistry, so expect some vicious knob-twiddling and mind-bending visuals.

May 15 @ Rickshaw

You shouldn’t need a lot of prodding to go see Tricky. This guy was at the forefront of the trip-hop movement as a frequent collaborator on early Massive Attack releases, while his solo career since the mid-’90s has been as prolific as it has been challenging, counting over a dozen albums that tackle difficult lyrical themes over genre-defying instrumentals. You’ll remember being at this show.

May 18 @ Fortune

Los Angeles DJ and singer Samantha Duenas makes some damn impressive R&B-tinged poptronica. To hear her sing, you’d think she was Britney Spears working with production from the Neptunes or some shit, but she’s actually far more experienced as a DJ, dancer and fashion blogger. In more ways than seems humanly possible, this girl is squarely on point. Better recognize.

June 2 @ Open Studios

You’re gonna want to get a bigger boat for this one. My, oh Mira, she is deep. Honed over a decade plus in front of some of the world’s most sophisticated audiences, her distinctive sets of melodic, uplifting yet soothing German techno and deep house seem to go on into the infinite night of the eternal rave. Rave on!

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