Shania Twain Live At Rogers Arena

Tuesday 08th, May 2018 / 17:42
Photos and Words By Tom Paille

Rogers Arena
May 5th, 2018

Shania Twain has certainly learned something from her residency in Las Vegas, the Canadian country icon, had her epic ‘Shania Now’ tour roll into Rogers Arena for two Vancouver shows. The tour kicked off in Tacoma the night before and there was a familiar face opening the show, as Swiss singer, Bastian Baker warmed up the crowd, who was an opener for a few dates on Shania’s last tour.

As Shania made her way to the stage from the rear of the arena, there was a growing roar that
peaked as she hit the stage and burst into “Life’s About to Get Good”. Despite recently stating that she would have voted for Donald Trump, Shania’s show was all positive and fun. Twain’s show came with backup singers, dancers, and a mostly female band that would come and go from sight.

Shania certainly was having fun with the crowd and interacted with several people. She had
 two gentlemen act as ‘bodyguards’ escort her back to the main stage after a moving performance of “Soldier” while on a swing suspended above the audience. Several new songs from the latest album made the setlist but were not as popular or uplifting as her iconic hits like ‘Any Man of Mine’ and ‘Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?’ By the time Twain was belting out the encore of ‘Man, I Feel Like a Woman,’ the volume of the audience singing was almost matching the band. The country legend can still put on a show to remember after performing for 25 years.