Whisper Suite: Melancholic dream pop debut

Wednesday 09th, May 2018 / 09:00


By Brittany Rudyck 

MySpace takes credit for bringing Whisper Suite together 
Photo by Claire Bourgeois


EDMONTON – Remember MySpace?  

It was the online stomping ground for many currently involved in a respective music scene. The website was home to quirky screen names, low-fi self produced music and a lot of emo kids. For some, it was their gateway to meeting their future spouse and band member, like Nathaniel and Guylaine Sutton.  

“Music has been part of our relationship for a long time,” Nathaniel explains. “We met through MySpace in 2006 after she contacted me about my solo project. Our relationship blossomed from there. Over time we started experimenting with music and eventually it turned into an album.”  

We have MySpace to thank for Whisper Suite, a deliciously sleepy synth duo born of their shared love of music and each other. 

“Guylaine has experience singing because I kind of brought it into her life,” he explains. “I got her to sing in a lot of my projects along the way. She was featured in a lot of my songs. But this is the first album we’ve produced together and can call our own.” 

Love Notes is a ten-song romantic synth album centered on the couple’s shared experience. Opening track “Ascend” offers emotional and triumphant ups and downs solely through instrumentals, making space in the listener’s heart for the following nine tunes. The entire record is a gracious helping of radio friendly synth pop tracks that don’t entirely lose their DIY feel. 

“From the music, the mastering to the music video for “Sun,” we did it entirely on our own,” says Nathaniel. “It’s a big jump from when I first started as a solo artist recording in my basement. We have so much available to us now when it comes to creating and recording. I think the sound is cleaner than I was able to record before and the production value is just better.” 

Love Notes is an intriguing offering that sparkles, offering melancholy and gorgeous simplicity.  


Whisper Suite perform July 8 at Weayaya Solar Powered Music Festival near Red Deer. Their album is available digitally on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. 

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