Mount Kimbie Learn To Let Go With Love What Survives Remixes

Thursday 10th, May 2018 / 12:33
By Jamie Goyman

VANCOUVER – Speaking to BeatRoute from Jutland, England, Kai Campos of Mount Kimbie lets loose on what the duo known for their always unique take on electronic music has in store for 2018. Having been releasing music for nearly 10 years Dominic Maker and Kai Campos have proven their ability to continuously push their boundaries and see what they can make of it.
“Like most things it seems the more you do it, it seems like the less you know,” says Campos, talking about the artistic growth of the musical project. “Every time you think you’ve cracked it, it’s probably more likely that you don’t know and that’s a good thing. The things you’re interested in now you will see at a later point; the music you’re making is less important than the process of making it, and being open minded about it.”

Their last album, Love What Survives (2017), took what fans have come to know and recognize from the duo and twisted it into a stripped down greyscale audible adventure. Taking what they gained while performing live and incorporating the positive aspects of that immediacy into the recording process, push Mount Kimbie closer to the instinctive side of their music.

“The main thing is when you work in an area where you feel like you’re learning as well as doing it,” tells Campos. “I think what it does to your ear is really good in that you hear the music. You keep in touch with it rather than doing something because it seems like the right way of doing it. Working with other ideas is a thing that helps you stop over thinking, I think. In that space you just start making.”

The album is splattered with vocals from the poetic and stylistically on point King Krule on “Blue Train Lines,” experimental pop musician Micachu with “Marilyn” and the stunning notes of James Blake with “We Go Home Together” and “How We Got By” that tucks listeners into the pocket of Mount Kimbie while they explore new horizons.

Set to come out in two releases touching down May 4 and 11, Campos and Maker are throwing fans a curve ball with a double 12” remix release showcasing innovative producers Marcel Dettmann and Gerd Janson on album opener “Four Years and One Day” and Ellen Allien with her take on T.A.M.E.D. on one release, while the mesmerizing Nina Kraviz puts her touch (x3) to “Blue Train Lines” on the other. Keeping with the theme of constantly pushing things forward the remix release does just that for Mount Kimbie.

“Other people are just way less precious about your music, which is cool. I would never mess with Archie’s vocal in a way that Nina Kravis did,” says Campos. “So you’re just kind of letting go of the preciousness of the album you made.” That experimental take on music is what fans know and love about Mount Kimbie and the layers of sound they deliver, every release cleanses the pallet with a refreshing gulp of soundscapes that simultaneously soothe and push the airwaves.

Mount Kimbie have added the complete addition of a live band accompaniment that easily sets the tone and energy for their live performance. Working with people who play alongside them from the get go of recording helps create a straight line between recording and bringing that same energy to the stage, spilling it onto the crowd with every song.

“Our music hasn’t really been very DJ friendly and it never really seemed like the right thing from the beginning,” Campos says. “Having a live band just seems like the best way to represent songs because they’re all over the place, especially the last three records. It’s a different energy.”

2018 is set to see quite a bit of what the complete sound of this new Mount Kimbie live hybrid has to offer while they cover the festival season over the summer and once that winds down there will be space left to see where the current interest in sequenced electronic music will take them and whether another record will come of it.

Mount Kimbie perform May 17 at the Imperial