Video Premiere: The Denim Daddies – Road Runner

Thursday 10th, May 2018 / 10:36

by Brittany Rudyck

In the true spirit of country music, Edmonton’s the Denim Daddies were birthed during a drink in a seedy little dive bar. Since 2015 the five piece have come to be known in Dirt City as a hootin’ n’ hollerin’ time, whether you’re into country or not. And for those Simpsons fans who still cling tightly to the good ole days, the Denim Daddies do a hilarious cover of “Canyonero,” which by nerd standards sits just outside the good ole days in Season Nine.

A sense of humour tends to colour everything the alt-country group touches, including their first music video for “Road Runner.” The track is one of the first off their upcoming debut album, which is slated for release sometime this fall.

The video is a DIY self shot two minute 32 second, intimate and funny, glimpse into life on the road. The track itself is a  feel good country tune, certainly the right kind of music for having some beers with your buddies in the summertime.

If peeing on mountains grosses you out, you might wanna skip the 1:22 mark.

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