East Town Get Down Venues

Wednesday 16th, May 2018 / 11:14
By Will Cowan


On Saturday, May 26 an exciting mix of seventy-five bands and artists that represent all four corners of Calgary’s sight, sound and stylistics will descend upon International Avenue taking over eight very different locations turning them into live performances venues. Five restaurants, one bar, one bowling ally and one creative workshop will provide the backdrop for a pop, punk, metal and hip-hop tour de force. The music is honest and fresh, a rising tide of new talent propelled by the Major Minor Music Project. The venues are exotic, culturally distinct and most have never hosted live music, let alone a rock ‘n’ roll show. East Town Get Down a ground-breaking, soul-searing, energizing walk on the wonder side of the city… GET DOWN!!

Ethiopian Restaurant
3608 – 17 Ave. SE
Intimate in nature, Fassil won’t be the site of any hardcore or punk acts that you will see maybe at Paradise Lanes or Border Crossing, but instead it will boast one of the most unique line-ups at East Town Get Down. Surf rock and chill vibes is mixed with a shared dining experience that can only be given thanks to the restaurants Ethiopian roots and Major Minor’s particular brand of music/food mash-ups.


Bowling Ally
3411 – 17 Ave. SE
Shining like a Vegas Strip sign, the Paradise Lanes’ neon bowling pin is one of the most recognizable landmarks on International Ave., welcoming both newcomers and locals alike. Paradise Lanes has been a vital part in the Calgary music scene, as well as The Major Minor Music Project, since they are the dedicated hosts for the wildly popular Punk Rock Bowling events.

2014 – 36 St. SE
East Town Get Down has a decidedly international flair, featuring restaurants from a diverse variety of cuisines, but Jane Bond keeps it Albertan with their huge selection of delicious BBQ dishes. Adding a splash of decadence with their interior decorating, you’ll feel like you’re dining like royalty with huge portions of delicious BBQ being served to you and your friends (seriously, look at their menu, that’s A LOT of food.)


Ethiopian Restaurant
3515-17 Ave. SE
As the restaurant states on their website, “ensira” means “let’s work together” in the cuisines nation of Ethiopia – it’s a sentiment shared among all the artists and organizers participating at East Town Get Down. It’s also a phrase you can hear yourself muttering when you take a look at their large dishes meant to be shared. Alongside Fuse33 Makerspace, Ensira will feature some of the best hip-hop and soul music the entire of Alberta has to offer along with Dragon Fli Empire and Yolanda Sargeant.

3513 – 17 Ave. SE
We all know summer is going to hit hard this year (it’s only inevitable considering the brutal winter Calgary endured), and TG Juice is here to really curb the heat with their signature juice blends and ice cream. With the line up getting kicked off with the likes of Brettyn Rose and Kate Stevens, followed by bands like Madamoiselle and aces filling out the rest of the sound, TG Juice is a must for East Town tourists.


Mexican Restaurant and Bar
3503 – 17 Ave. SE
Who doesn’t like a little bit of spice in their rock n’ roll? This authentic Mexican restaurant serves up some serious heat in their menu, especially in their signature aforementioned salsa. The spice is shared with the music May 26thwhen a line-up full of Calgary’s best and upcoming hardcore and punk acts light up the restaurant with some serious heat. No, really, you’re going to be sweating a bit.

1814 – 36 St. SE
The only 18+ venue of East Town Get Down, Border Crossing will be packed to the brim thanks to the seriously stellar line-up that will culminate with performances from The Dudes and Divinity. However, that is not the only reason to check out the legendary watering hole of East Calgary; the bar has also been featured around the world thanks for the Calgary-based production of the FX hit Fargo.

Artist Workshop and Gallery
1720 Radisson Drive SE
Fuse33 Makerspace is one of the most unique venues at East Town Get Down since it is not a bar, restaurant, or bowling alley, but it does share a similar MO with The Major Minor Music Project: connectivity and creativity. Artists and builders from around the city congregate at Makerspace to let their ideas flow through their craft, and will be the site of similar flows thanks to the great line-up of hip-hop and rap acts that will be tearing up the stage come May 26th

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