Thursday 17th, May 2018 / 14:21
By Chris Dzaka

Photo by Jen Van Houten

VANCOUVER – The persistence needed to thrive in the music business will break most wannabe entertainers, but Vancouver’s JP Maurice has never been one to back down. In fact, the young songwriter is back and better than ever with his release of Boys, the sibling album of sorts to his 2017 EP release, Girls.

“The Boys and Girls concept is mostly about duality. There’s balance and counterbalance to everything in life,” Maurice told BeatRoute in an interview last year, shortly after releasing Girls in to the world.

Boys was birthed in 2014 when Maurice was living in Toronto, and recorded over the summer of 2016. He worked with producer and engineer Russell Broom at Blue Light Studios. However, Maurice recently took the stage on CTV show The Launch, which set back the release of Boys. Waiting on the album release has just fuelled his enthusiasm.

“They’re all bangers! I think there was some validation in that when ‘Shapeshifter ‘was chosen as a feature song on The Launch. I was definitely trying to create a group of songs or a playlist of tunes that was upbeat and catchy and able to be put on during a car ride or a party.

“All the material off both albums was recorded at the same time so it really is one album,” Maurice says. “I decided to break it up in two parts so it would be easier to digest as a listener. The songs ‘Go’ and ‘Shapeshifter’ are carryovers from Girls and are on the Boys album as well.”

The first single, “Rocket,” was released a few weeks ago and took fans all the way to space and back with his signature croon and wholesome pop rock sound, often nodding towards Tom Petty and other contemporary storytellers in rock ‘n’ roll.

While Maurice has seen dreamy record deals come and go throughout his carreer, he’s consistently come back with music as the conduit funnelling his heart through melody. “I’m not going to lie it’s very hard to keep going. The older I get it becomes more of a concern about creating a solid and sustainable lifestyle. There’s so much music getting made these days and it’s really hard to set yourself apart,” he says. “Mostly I just need to focus on the music and ignore the noise and minimize participation in the game.”

JP Maurice celebrates the release of Boys at the Rickshaw Theatre (Vancouver) Friday May 18.