Pictureplane: First discussion of new record ahead of Alberta debut 

Friday 18th, May 2018 / 10:00


By Colin Gallant

Electronic darkchild Pictureplane sidesteps to Edmonton with new material in tow. 
Photo by Conjure

CALGARY – It’s been a wild ride for gothstar Travis Egedy over the more than ten years he’s created music and art under the name Pictureplane. Originally from Santa Fe but germinated in Denver, the American Egedy’s journey had and has a serendipitous link to Canadian Alice Glass to this day.

His first major exposure came from an officially sanctioned re-work of the song “Airwar” by Glass’ old band Crystal Castles, and the sonic chaos and paranoia shared by Egedy and Glass has come to define their music all the years since.

Glass and Egedy recently spent time on the road with Marilyn Manson, only for the two to witness his horrific mangling at the mercy of his own performance.

“A huge stage prop fell on him, we watched it happen. It’s crazy because it could have been way worse, he could have died,” recalls Egedy.

But a working friendship spanning over a decade (the two met on, inevitably, Myspace in 2007) can’t be undone so easily. Glass, Zola Jesus and Pictureplane are touring a good deal of the U.S. and a small part of Canada this Spring, with Egedy debuting Pictureplane in Alberta with a side date at 9910 in Edmonton on May 25. 

While Egedy is hesitant to discuss on record his absence from the Canadian touring market, he offers something wholly better: a first official comment on his forthcoming album Degenerate. 

“It’s going to be called Degenerate. That word is sort of famous. It was used in Nazi Germany to describe artists who were free thinkers and were making sort of bizarre, abstract stuff that Hitler found offensive. But it’s still in use today… for someone who’s undesirable or sort of an outcast of society.”

This comes as a reaction to the onslaught of intolerance towards artists and art spaces following the tragic deaths at the Ghost Ship space in Oakland, and the resultant closing of Egedy’s former home of Rhinoceropolis in Denver. 

“People just don’t understand really at all. What it means to be an artist or people who choose to create art, and need spaces to live in to create art… I’m more than happy to be a degenerate in these peoples’ eyes if that’s how they wanna see me for being an artist.

Degenerate is expected later this summer either through Pictureplane’s current home at Anticon or perhaps via a new venture—Egedy’s own label. Considering his self-produced three records, track as a visual artist (with a recent residency at Austin’s Museum of Human Achievement) or entrepreneurship with the Alien Body (the name he’ll also give his label) streetwear enterprise, it’s no stretch to imagine Egedy manifesting Pictureplane’s next album as a fully independent release. The real question is: will you be among the ones who remember him from his pivotal between state when he takes the stage in Edmonton?

Pictureplane performs at 9910 in Edmonton on May 25. Degenerate will be released later this summer.

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