VIDEO PREMIERE: The Cut Losses – “Growing Old”

Tuesday 22nd, May 2018 / 11:06
By Carlos Oen

VANCOUVER – Two years after the release of “Spending Time On My Own” the Cut Losses have grown up without getting old. Gone are the days when guitarist and vocalist, Patrick McWilliams, was bandless and immersed in his laptop in Langley. Drummer and vocalist Duncan Lee being the first to get on board, McWilliams vision for indie rock bliss is a little bit clearer and their most recent creation is proof. Today the Cut Losses are a full four-piece act residing in Vancouver.
The video for “Growing Old” was filmed by the band in a single day, directed and edited by McWilliams. “It was shot at the Jack Chow Insurance building, it’s world-known and record-breaking, and I think we’d like to be those things as a band one day too,” said McWilliams.

The new single is fresh, fun and honest. The band embraces the pop aspect of their sound, which evolved from their self-described “raw-rock-psychedelic foundation.” The Cut Losses are pushing forward the idea that no matter what age or point you’re at in life, you can still find fun in innocence.