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Paleman Makes Music to Forget We’re Human

Paleman Makes Music to Forget We’re Human

By Joey Lopez Where: Open Studios When: March 30 Tickets: $20-$25 | Buy Tickets Here There’s an old adage that…


Myth Making at the Indian Summer Festival 2018

Friday 25th, May 2018 / 07:00
By Jessie Foster

Myth Making is an art form that has been flourishing since the beginning of time. It can be said that everything we know is merely a story, written by historians, poets, cavemen and everyone in between.

This year at Indian Summer Festival, the annual cultural festival which takes place every year throughout the city in July, embraces and encourages the age-old art of creating meaningful dialogue through artistic practices. With this year’s theme, “Myth Making,” this will be conveyed through concerts, visual art exhibitions, panellists and broadcasts amongst other mediums.

Sirish Rao and Laura Byspalko are the co-founders of the artistic movement since its inception in 2011. BeatRoute picks up what they’re putting down for this 10-day celebration taking place July 6 to 15.

“It’s really a sense of a multidisciplinary festival. If the festival were to be seen as a meal, it would be very omnivorous,” says Rao over the phone.

Last year, the festival tackled the controversial topic of “War and Peace” and promoted the discussion, engaging their audience through multiple platforms to learn, grow and revel in the significance. The multiple venues around Vancouver were home to a surplus of everything artistic, making it one of the leading cultural celebrations of the year.

“We call it a festival for curious minds, which ends up being the best way to describe the people who are coming,” says Byspalko.

The festival has been known to attract some of the top artists in their discipline, including internationally known chefs (including Vancouver’s own restaurateur Vikram Vij), inspirational conversationalists and powerful authors.

Each year ISF takes the time to honour someone they feel is inspirational at their annual fundraiser, Dinner by Starlight, which takes place at a secret location on May 19. This time, they have chosen Saroo Brierley, the man who lived the life portrayed by Dev Patel in the heart wrenching cinematic hit, Lion.

The ISF events in July will be ticketed separately and will be held at venues such as the Roundhouse, Imperial, Orpheum, UBC, Woodworks, in Burnaby and more daily programming around the city.

“We’re picking up difficult conversations, but we also know how to celebrate. It’s a combination of the cerebral and the sensual,” says Rao.

Catch the Indian Summer Festival at various venues throughout the city from July 6 to 15. For more information and to purchase tickets visit