Monolith AB: Positively heavy vibes only 

Friday 01st, June 2018 / 16:00
By Matty Hume 


The secret ingredient in sludge metal is friendship. 
Photo by Jim Madden

CALGARY – A towering giant with a soul-warming smile. A three-tonne hammer with a “Have a Nice Day!” sticker on the hilt. It’s time to meet your friendly neighbourhood doom machines.

Vocalist/guitarist Daniel Kneeshaw, bassist Mike “Mulder” Sharp and drummer Nick Temple are the three sludgy amigos that solidify into Monolith AB, a doom metal outfit and Calgary staple that has graced stages from the shores Sled Island to halls of the House of Vans. The members of this lumbering trio grew up in the same hardcore scene while contributing to a variety of projects, but they came to agree that Monolith AB was their ominous destiny and communal home; a creative refuge built on the rock-solid foundations of mutual respect, trust and friendship.

“I don’t want to make music with anyone else. It just makes sense,” Sharp confirms.

“When I write stuff it’s a lot of blues influence, and with Mike I find a lot of stuff that he writes is grindy,” adds Kneeshaw. “He comes up with these beautiful, amazing chords. So, I just tell people it’s heavy music. It’s heavy, it’s loud! Fucking try it you might like it!”

With a colossal stack of shows already in the rear-view, the band is finally gearing up for a full-length album release at The Palomino on June 8, following years of delays due to a nightmare situation that involved a complete loss of all digital recordings. The record, fittingly titled Sanctuary, is the culmination of years of hard work in Monolith AB’s single-lightbulb-lit jam space. It’s all the more impressive that from such a humble environment emerges Monolith AB’s prescient rolling thunder and mind-blowing gales of promethean black metal. Rest assured, there’s no shortage of power when Monolith AB gathers for their traditional Thursday rehearsal and thrash-about.

“I literally remember every single show. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’ve never been in a band like this where the chemistry is so good,” echoes Temple. “Thursdays are my favourite days ever. Our jam space is our sanctuary.”

Armouring themselves mentally and emotionally to debut their long-time-coming album, they won’t hesitate to ensure that their audience is absorbing all doom and no gloom. And for Monolith AB, going that extra mile means gifting a free download code for Sanctuary with every paid admission to their album release party.

“I’m definitely going to cry. We’re going to give it everything we got,” Kneeshaw pledges. “What I want and expect is for people to feel welcome, to feel safe and to have fun!”

Catch the Monolith AB album release with Trench, Feeding, and everythingyoueverloved on June 8 at The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club (Calgary).

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