Lashes: Extension chords

Saturday 02nd, June 2018 / 13:02
By Tory Rosso

Lashes take the reflexive approach.

Lashes are an emerging dream-rock meets indie-pop entity that calls Calgary, Alberta home. Currently comprised of keyboardist/vocalist Katie Hillson and percussionist Honor Charlton, the band self-released the January 2018 digital offering My Haunted Basement, and took a moment to reflect on their experimental roots and promising future.


BeatRoute: How did Lashes originally come about?

Katie Hillson:It definitely started in high school. The original members of the band were all friends and we decided to start jamming together and play at Rockin’ 4 Dollar$ Calgary.


BR: Was that the band’s first introduction to performing in front of a live audience?

Honor Charlton:Yes! And then BJ (Downey, promoter) approached us and asked we if we wanted to play Big Winter Classic!


BR: What spurred you to pursue your musical aspirations at that time?

HC:When I first started listening to music it was a lot of classic rock, like everything from Iggy and The Stooges to Hole and Nirvana. And, of course, The Ramones, The Stones, The Beatles… and now it’s changed to a lot of female-oriented artists.

KH:One of the first songs we all played together was “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. I’ve always been a huge Stevie Nicks fan. I also really like the Cranberries.


BeatRoute: Tell us about your approach to composing new material.

KH:It changes, sometimes we each bring in our own lyrics and work on the songs, but then sometimes me and Honor will have a writing session. I’d say for me, listening to other artists that I’m inspired by is really important to my song writing process, to get the creative juices flowing.

HC: The roles aren’t concrete, everybody can bring a piece of a song and we’ll all contribute to it, or somebody may bring an entire song and have the idea of what we want it to sound like.

KH:And, we’re both super into witchcraft!

HC:That’s part of the song writing process, too.


BeatRoute: What is the next phase of growth for Lashes?

KH:We want to take a little break while we’re working to tighten the set and record. We want to put something out that we’re proud of.

HC: We will have new members for the show with Wares, but we don’t wanna announce it before hand. It will be a surprise! Once we feel comfortable with the set, we want to be playing as many shows as we can, because we really enjoy it and it’s fun!


Lashes perform with Wares, Feel Alright (album release) and Slut Prophet on June 9 at The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club [Calgary]. You can hear the band at

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