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Sled Island Music Festival – Guest Curator: Julien Baker

Sled Island Music Festival – Guest Curator: Julien Baker

by Sebastian Buzzalino Julien Baker’s delicate folk songwriting feels like a long-forgotten favourite sweater. She is emotive and resilient, leaving…

Let’s Get Jucy: June 2018

Sunday 03rd, June 2018 / 12:00
By Paul Rodgers 

Justin Martin
Photo by BEEDEE


CALGARY – Sled Island is, for good reason, a focal point of the month of June and these past few years they seem to have been booking more and more great hip hop and electronic shows, which I really love to see. In addition to all those amazing shows, here are a few choice bookings that caught my eye coming up this month:   

Lots of trap and future bass type things this month, particularly at the Palace it would seem. First off, Ekalis Canadian tour touches down at the Palace on June 7. 

Next up we have Boombox Cartel, a duo that has skyrocketed from their home in Mexico, transplanted themselves to L.A. and into the global bass music and EDM spotlights, garnering attention from heavyweights like Diplo and Skrillex, and attained bookings at festivals like Shambhala, where they will appear this summer. Catch their hard-hitting, genre-melding trap stylings alongside Krane and Eclipse on June 8 at the Palace.  

One of the more mind-melting bass music producers going right now, the good Reverend himself, coming straight outta outer space, Bleep Bloop will rupture eardrums and cripple sanities simultaneously at the Palace on June 9. 

Also on June 9 is future trap artist Ghastly, over at the Marquee. I was always more into the Haunter evolution of that particular Pokémon, but that’s just cause I thought he looked cooler and I could draw him easier, and Gengar was too bulky.  

Hold Your Colour, the 2005 album from Australia’s Pendulum, especially its tracks like “Slam” and “Tarantula” were some of the first drum and bass tracks that yours truly heard and that, for better or worse, catapulted me on a trek into the jungle from which I’ve never really returned. Catch these absolute, bloody legends at Commonwealth on June 14. 

Each summer, the 403DNB crew take a brief sabbatical to rest up for the following season. Before they do, however, they tend to put on one final show and go out with a bang, and this year, they’ve outdone themselves. On June 15 they have secured Dom and Roland. His career stretches back to the late ‘80s West London rave scene and since then he has pioneered the dark and punishing tech-step style of drum and bass, released seven studio albums and created the infamous “tramen” breakbeat. Catch this timeless innovator at the Nite Owl.   

Rusko had a pretty crazy year last year. One of the most important names in dubstep, having co-created the globally influential FabricLive.37 alongside Caspa, Rusko announced that he was battling stomach cancer just over one year ago and would be unable to make his scheduled shows for the remainder of that summer. Then in late 2017, he announced that he had beaten it, which makes his performance at The Palace on July 1 all the more reason to celebrate and get your “Woo Boost” on.  

One more for Canada Day celebrations, if dubstep ain’t your bag, comes courtesy of those fine BassBus folks, who are putting on a free party alongside MarketSpot YYC in the parking lot of the Max Bell Centre with house music sensation and longtime pizza aficionado Justin Martin. 

Many thanks as always for sucking my words up into your eye holes. Here’s hoping that through that process of ocular osmosis, some ideas begin to gestate that then give birth to wonderful dance floor experiences. It’s just science. 

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