This Month in Film – June 2018

Wednesday 06th, June 2018 / 14:11
by Brendan Lee

Won’t You Be My Neighbour?June 8

The story of Fred Rogers, the man behind the cardigan, the smile and the theme song to everyone’s childhood, is told one more time in this feature documentary. Find out exactly what made each and every one of his days such a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, and don’t forget the darn tissues.

The Birdcage (1996)June 15

Celebrate this year’s Pride Month with a bag of popcorn and the re-release of ’90s mainstream hit, The Birdcage, starring Gene Hackman and Robin Williams. More than a little ahead of its time, The Birdcage promises an outrageous, flamboyant and touching journey back to a simpler time.

Angel’s In America (live)June 15

A live recording of the Tony-nominated Broadway play, this most recent adaptation depicts the lives of a gay couple living and surviving in 1980s Manhattan. The film, showing as a Pride Month Cineplex re-release, tackles long-standing issues currently at the forefront, and reopens some very necessary conversations.

Izzy Gets the F*ck Across TownJune 22

She’s a down-on-her-luck and desperately pitiful manic pixie dream girl for the modern age, and yet, for some reason, still strangely bent on the idea that disrupting her ex-boyfriend’s engagement party is the answer to all her problems. All she has to do is make it there.

Leave No TraceJune 29

A father and his daughter are forced to leave an atypical life lived peacefully off-the-grid in the forests of Portland, OR and return to rediscover the perils that come along with reintegration. Ben Foster cements his place as one of today’s most underrated greats while the young Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie stuns.


VIDEO PREMIERE: sunglaciers – “A Different Place”

VIDEO PREMIERE: sunglaciers – “A Different Place”

By Sebastian Buzzalino Modern, surf-styled post-punks, sunglaciers, have a way with style. The Calgary band’s dancy, forward-facing jams straddle the…