BHAD BHABIE Live at Venue Nightclub

Thursday 07th, June 2018 / 14:35
By Jordan Yeager

Photo by Darrole Palmer

Venue Nightclub
June 5, 2018

Photo by Darrole Palmer

There was not a drop of alcohol to be found in Venue Nightclub on the evening of June 5, and for good reason – onstage was 15-year-old Danielle Bregoli, known to some as Bhad Bhabie and to others as The Cash Me Outside Girl. Surprisingly, Bregoli has managed to turn her Dr. Phil notoriety into fame for something other than being a bitch to her mom, even securing herself a Billboard Music Award nomination for top female rap artist alongside Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

Scanning the crowd, it was easy to discern several distinct brands of people. Wasted teenagers danced their hearts out, singing every lyric in the very limited set list, while middle-aged parents sheltered children far too young to be there beneath their arms. Unimpressed yet stylish 20-somethings looked on, entirely straight-faced, clearly only there to be ironic.

Photo by Darrole Palmer

The show lasted an entire 30 minutes and included Bregoli’s complete catalogue of music, from “These Heaux” to “Whachu Know” and “Hi Bich.” Between songs, the crowd broke into chants of “Fuck Lil Tay,” a nine-year-old YouTube personality Bregoli has publicly fought with.

In response, Bregoli posed a question: “But honestly though, in real life, what the fuck do I look like going after a nine-year-old?”

If only any of us had the answer. One thing is for sure, though: Bregoli’s success proves that memes have finally gone too far.


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