Kamikaze Girls Use Their Music To Tackle Mental Health And Gender Equality

Monday 11th, June 2018 / 15:28
By Emily Jayne

Kamikaze Girls are a self-proclaimed Riot Grrrl duo from Leeds/London, England, comprised of vocalist and guitarist Lucinda Livingstone and drummer Conor Dawson. Since 2011 they’ve been fixtures of the DIY music scene in the U.K., E.U. and the U.S, having released a couple EPs prior to their debut album, Seafoam, in 2017.

Wrapping up their Canadian tour on June 23 in Vancouver at the Wise Hall, this will be the art-punk group’s first time on the Canadian West Coast. It’s exciting to see a band play their first show in a new city, especially when they are as good as this, like if in some ’90s utopian alternate dimension, the Breeders and Nirvana joined forces and formed a supergroup. Their sound is filled with fuzzed out riffs and huge drums, with melodic hooks that draw you in for a closer listen. Upon doing so you will be rewarded with Livingstone’s lyrics which speak honestly and openly about everything from anxiety and depression to addiction.

With increasing conversations about people struggling with anxiety and depression, the Kamikaze Girls have been ahead of the game when it comes to addressing these topics by using “music as a means to challenge attitudes and taboos surrounding mental health.”
With the long overdue #metoo movement and subsequent push for gender equality, they work hard alongside their peers to eliminate gender stereotypes in music.

Not only through music, both members are involved with Ladyfuzz, which is described as a ‘Creative Collective and contributor lead zine’ founded in July 2015. Showcasing the best female and non-cis identifying male creatives in DIY and alternative lifestyle, music and art’.
“I’ll stand up on stage every night and scream about consent and respecting people and their bodies until the end of our career if I have to,” says Livingstone, intent on ensuring that the world catches up.

Currently on tour in Europe with U.K labelmates, Nervus, the Kamikaze Girls are excited to enjoy the scenic drive to the west coast, meet new people along the way and Dawson is on a “mission to go to [coffee chain named after a hockey player] every single day on this tour.”
So basically, they already have the classic Canadian touring experience pretty much figured out.

Kamikaze Girls perform at the Wise Hall on June 23 with Poor Baby who will be releasing their new album, A Personal Apocalypse (Boat Dreams From The Hill), Pet Blessings and Russian Tim & Pavel Bures.

Other dates on their Canadian tour:
June 14th Montreal – Brasserie Beaubien
June 15th Ottawa Explosion Festival
June 16th NXNE Toronto
June 19th Winnipeg Jazz Fest
June 21st Edmonton – Temple
June 23rd Vancouver – WISE Hall



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