Naddine Madell-Morgan: Exploring the uncomfort zone 

Monday 11th, June 2018 / 12:04
By Chloe Lawson 

Photo by Elyse Bouvier
This photo was originally miscredited to Liam Prost in BeatRoute’s June print issue. We regret the error.

CALGARY – Naddine Madell-Morgan, an actress, writer, producer and independent filmmaker based in Calgary shows her audience the benefit of hope if one can keep it. While raised in Alberta, Madell-Morgan felt the lifestyle of the typical Calgarian was cut down the middle, black and white, conventional. Trying to understand why individuals feel obliged to follow societal limitations is what inspired Madell-Morgan to find a platform to be heard.  

Growing up she describes herself as “sensitive and introverted”, spending her days journaling and performing. Her performances, she notes, were purely for herself – the mirror and Naddine Madell-Morgan made up the entire show. She took an acting class and had her own show in CJSW. The body of work which makes up Naddine Madell-Morgan holds her values of overcoming struggle. What makes this a universal experience for the audience is that the characters may defeat their challenges but that doesn’t necessarily mean a happy ending will be achieved.  

While in the Nevada desert she read an informative piece on sex work in the Sunday New York Times. The result of this is her current project, a documentary from the point of view of a FemDom which she hopes to release by 2020. Madell-Morgan aims to inspire the audiences to take a pause – a pause to ask themselves why they think the way they do, just like she did herself. “If I can change and influence one person to pause and understand their preconceived judgements I would be happy.” Working on this particular project hasn’t hardened Madell-Morgan but “has made me less forgiving and demanding more of people.” She further explains the importance of understanding that sex-work involves real people “who provide a service which deserves the same respect as other jobs such as being a cop, teacher, etc.” 

Additionally, she is both directing and producing a documentary on the only Calgary-based feminist music/art festival. Femme Wave creates a safe space for women and non-binary individuals to express their art and themselves. “Being badass feminist bitches” is included on the list of values on the official website, this unorthodox way of thinking is what Madell-Morgan thrives in. “The more subversive the story is, the better it is,” she says. With news almost everyday about scandals in Hollywood, the courageous women coming forward has motivated her to speak out louder. Madell-Morgan states that she is “constantly in awe of the bravery of both women and femmes who built themselves up to fight” and describes the importance of being involved even if you don’t fight but instead are in the back cheering them on. “I’m so excited for the young people who grew up with so much to use the internet to force conversations.” 

Describing herself as an individual who “sees the glass half full, but with the tap perpetually running. The only problem is that the glass unfortunately has a hole in it”. Madell-Morgan expresses her anxiety about what an audience may think, but realizes the hang-up is something she must let go of. “Art reflects life and we all have a responsibility in our lives. Why bother to pursue if there isn’t any purpose to it?”  

For more information on Naddine, her current projects, or her production company, Quirkgirl Productions, visit 

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