Craig Cardiff: The power of connection, the book of truths 

Tuesday 19th, June 2018 / 09:00
By Andrew Bardsley 

CALGARY – Folk music is meant to connect the singer-songwriter to the audience. It is meant to offer an intimate moment between the lyricist and the listener in which Craig Cardiff’s passionate, emotional and honest story-telling has been captivating listeners for decades. “I love things like Spotify because I can see that over 12 million people have listened to my music and that’s amazing.”  

Cardiff has been recording and touring since 1997, releasing sixteen albums that includes a mix of covers and original work. “I think at the end of the day people want to feel connected. And at the end of the day they want to sing, like church, but only the fun parts,” claims Cardiff.  

Cardiff, a hard-working musician, just returned from Hong Kong where he was performing and teaching kids to play music, a passion that he has devoted a significant amount of time. He’s known for his involvement in youth programs around Canada, which he started when his daughter asked him to volunteer in the classroom 12 years ago. Cardiff aims to help youths be creative. “Everyone wants to write and wants to create something. And I don’t want them to say its too hard.”  

To do so, Cardiff spends the day writing a song with students taking them through a creative process. He records the song, remixes it at home and then sends it back to the students to own.   

Cardiff works with his audiences, big or small, to let them know we are all connected somehow. “It is important,” he says, “to know that everyone has gone or is going through some shit.” This is also the root of Cardiff’s Book Of Truths, an actual book that Cardiff occasionally brings to live shows where audience members can write down a truth, a hope, a dream or a secret. “It is like writing in a relic. It connects the audience members in a shared experience. Sometimes people write things they wouldn’t tell their partners.”  

Craig Cardiff is currently working on an EP for Bob Dylan’s birthday entitled Birthday Cards For Bob Dylan.  

(note:  there’s no location for this performer…  it’s a secret space!)