Avocado Toast Makes Vancouver Laugh by Laughing at Itself

Thursday 05th, July 2018 / 10:23
By Joey Lopez

VANCOUVER – When you think of Vancouver, what comes to mind first? Is it the beautiful shores of Spanish Banks complemented by the majesty of the snowcapped mountains, the two separated by shimmering ocean? Perhaps it’s the bike lanes that crisscross the downtown core, or the abundance of yoga mats laid out in parks on the west end?

Beginning this summer, Vancouver Theatre Sports League’s newest improv show, Avocado Toast, imagines the latter. VTSL aims to pick apart Vancouver stereotypes, from yoga enthusiasts to vegans, and, of course, overly priced avocado toast, from the points of view of two eternal enemies: millennials and baby boomers. The result is a show that offers something for everyone.

“We’re focusing on class types in Vancouver and Vancouver issues from two different points of view based on a platform that’s enjoyable for all ages, as well as locals and tourists alike. We really just want Vancouver to laugh at itself,” Executive Director of Programming Bill Pozzobon says with a chuckle.

Through the incredibly interactive aspect of live improv, Avocado Toast wishes to welcome perspectives from people who live outside the city and from those who view millennials through a stereotypical lens with the intention of lending some self-awareness to our trendy west coast city.

“We want to tackle what’s hot in Vancouver,” says Pozzobon. “The other day I was at a café and behind me I heard someone say, ‘I can’t believe we just spent $27 on avocado toast.’ It is things like that that inspire it.”

The idea itself is the brain child of Lauren McGibbon, who also created the Canadian-centric improv show Oh, Canada. Instead of focusing on us as a nation, Avocado Toast focuses on us as a culture while at the same time being a crash course on the Vancouver way of life for those visiting for the first time.

With a rotating ensemble cast of 35 members, no show will be the same.

“It’s definitely going to be highly entertaining,” Pozzobon says. “The audience gets to be the authors of the show. There’s nothing like live improv.”

Avocado Toast runs from July 5-September 1 at the Improv Centre.

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