Local Music Swimsuit Edition 2018

Thursday 05th, July 2018 / 11:46
By Emily Corley
Photos by Shimon Karmel

Strange Breed’s Nicolle Dupass and Ally Von Wallis wrestle with a shark in Nettle’s Tale’s finest. Nicolle: Swimsuit, Nettle’s Tale. Ally: Bikini Top, Nettle’s Tale.

The sweltering heat in our East Van photo studio is strangely reminiscent of the exotic holiday vibes we’re trying to recreate for today’s gloriously body-positive local music swimwear shoot. The cooler is packed with Hey Y’alls, cut watermelon sweats in the heat and a host of shiny new swimwear is ready to be donned by our local superstars. Just another day at the beach.

Ponderosa Festival masterminds Kia and Kris and melodic sister-duo Brianne and Alanna Fin-Morris are the first to rock up to our beach-ready set. They delve straight into the neatly (for now!) arranged summer attire from a selection of rad local stores, including vintage gems from F as in Frank and Burcu’s Angels and top quality finds from Nettle’s Tale, The Block and Charlie & Lee. A few inflatable props, outfit changes and ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ later, et voila! – our beach babes are ready for their close-ups.

Highlights of the day include Andrew Drury from Baptists’ incredibly suave super-pupper Dingus, sporting sunglasses and some vintage Fila shorts from F As In Frank, an impressive Salvador Dali inspired lobsterkini, handmade by Phono Pony’s multi-talented Shay Hayashi, and Connor Brooks of Chase the Bear making out with an inflatable shark named Jeffrey.

By the end of the day everyone is glowing (not to mention sweating by the bucket-load) from their day by the sea-blue backdrop of the studio and we’re all ready to be beachside for real. If you’re heading out in the sun anytime soon, check out the following quality local retailers of beach-ready apparel:

The Block
350 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC

Burcu’s Angels
2355 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC

Charlie & Lee
223 Union St, Vancouver, BC

F as in Frank
2425 Main St, Vancouver, BC

Nettle’s Tale
1E8, 330 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC