White Cowbell Oklahoma: Seven deadly sins aren’t enough 

Thursday 12th, July 2018 / 14:52
By Christine Leonard 


Kiss their grits! White Cowbell Oklahoma will put the south in your mouth.
Photo by Ashlea Wessel

CALGARY – Magnetic, untamed, infamous and regaled for their strange and sensational stage shows, White Cowbell Oklahoma is the country-fried boogie rock sandwich you didn’t know you were craving. Just as well that they’ll be crossing the prairies right after the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth has blown through and leveled the playing field.

“We’re going to come to you post-Stampede, so the ground will be well stampeded and prepped for our arrival. We don’t even care if they’ve cleaned up. You can leave the cattle poop around it’ll be a soft landing anyways,” declares frontman and guitarist Clem Clemson. “We operate best in a hungover state. That’s our best working condition. So, don’t you worry, Calgary. The doctors are comin’ and we’re going to treat you right! We’re going to get you back up on your feet, just so you can fall down again. But you’re gonna do it in style.”

It’s been three years since the raucous outfit released their last album on their own Slick Monkey record label, but now Clemson has a new reason to take his orgiastic ensemble on the road. The band’s latest, Seven Seas of Sleaze, continues their campaign of racy albums covers and flaming toilet paper festooned southern rock celebrations. It might also explain the impending PBR shortage.

“It’s our seventh album there’s seven musicians in the band, seven sins, I guess you could say it’s the sequel to our album Mixto Sixto (2015). Which is our sixth release with six musicians doing six songs.”

Still recruiting outlaw outriders, White Cowbell Oklahoma show no signs of fatigue despite a strict diet of Tex-Mex and extended jams. According to Clemson, the band is destined for an engagement at the Binic Folks Blues Festival in Brittany, France! But not before turning their posse any which way but loose on Western Canada.

“We’re so elated to come out to promote this album of all albums,” Clemson confirms. “We owe penance — we’ve been shamed by the lack of attention we have given to the western side of this continent. The last time we went through the folks at CKXU [Lethbridge radio station] were so hospitable, they had us into the studio and we did a live-to-air show which was amazing. They gave us the files and we were like ‘This is pretty badass!’ We had some studio tracks we’d done anyways, so we remixed the CKXU files with the help of our friends in the band Zeus. So, we do have an extreme Alberta connection on this record, five of the tracks were recorded live to air with no overdubs and now you can relive this monumental and iconic radio moment.”


White Cowbell Oklahoma performs July 19 at The Starlite Room – Temple [Edmonton], July 20 at Dickens [Calgary], and on July 22 at Okanagan Tattoo Show and Brewfest [Kelowna]

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