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Sled Island Music Festival – Guest Curator: Julien Baker

Sled Island Music Festival – Guest Curator: Julien Baker

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Wyatt Louis: On a journey for the long run

Saturday 14th, July 2018 / 17:59
By Jordan Stricker

CALGARY – The flourishing and explosive music scene in the city of Calgary is constantly bringing forth promising young acts. Never is that more apparent than in the case of Wyatt Louis, the folk singing extraordinaire.

Raised in the small Albertan town of Wetaskiwin, Louis was born into a home full of artistic expression. Both parents being trained in the arts, his father made sure that the guitar was the first thing Louis would come to learn about.

“There wasn’t really a defining moment for me where I knew I wanted to do music, it has just always been there,” Louis explained.

Playing open mics as far back as he can remember, the feeling and need to be on stage has been present since he was a child.

“I can remember being a kid, at a wedding and being the only one dancing and singing on the dancefloor. I always wanted to perform for people,” he explains.

Wyatt Louis has a signature sound that can leave an entire room in awe of his ability. Keeping everyone in attendance completely engulfed in his beautifully dark and poetic song writing, the vibrations of his hauntingly emotional vocal tones effect the listener to the core.

“Like anyone else, I have bad days and I have to get it off of my chest. Music has always been the best way for me to deal with everything.”

Attending Red Deer College for music, Louis was able to find his groove in a setting that gave aspiring artists like himself room to grow.

“That school really defined my sound. The song writing aspect for me really came from my time there [Red Deer College].”

Making the move to the city not long after finishing College, Louis found his groove in Calgary. A regular at the Café Koi open mic night, it didn’t take long before people took notice to his unique modern take on blues guitar mixed with his sorrow-heavy song writing.

“There comes a point where sometimes you have to not worry so much about what the audience will think and go with your gut,” Louis adds.

His music draws parallels from artists like Allen Stone and Mac Demarco, but Louis is a genius in the sense that although you can find a similar sound, his approach to music is completely his own.

“I’ve just stood dry in the rain waiting, I’ve come to lie on the grass beside you,” Louis soulfully sings on a song titled “Dry in the rain” from his first EP, on a Journey for the Long Run which is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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