Joan of Arc – 1984 

Thursday 19th, July 2018 / 23:06
By Emilie Charette

Joyful Noise Recordings 

Although their willingness to step outside the box and try new things on each album is admirable, Chicago-based Joan of Arc’s experimental rock is definitely an acquired taste. Active since 1995, Melina Ausikaitis replaces Tim Kinsella as the lead vocalist here and provides a remote, somewhat cloying delivery that lean towards having very little to do with the melody, where some tracks are deliberately jarring and discordant. “Punk Kid”, however, showcases an interesting side to her voice filled with a petulant attitude appropriate to the title, and a thrumming baseline punctuated by simple keyboard interjections. While “Forever Jung,” moves like a jam session full of rhythms and moods that ebb and flow organically. 1984 is best described as an experience, albeit one that not everyone will want to repeat.

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